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Speech Integration and Management Tools (SIMTools) is a set of scripting routines that allow Dungeon Masters unprecedented control over their modules, and give players convenient access to an array of commands simply by typing them in.



  • Supports both NWNX and Bioware standard databases.
  • Can log all chat on the server at the user's option.
  • Can reset the server via chat command. Unlike calling StartNewModule, the reset plugin stops the nwserver process, clearing the memory to eliminate lag buildup.
  • Has a built-in spamblocker.
  • Has 2 classes of power, DM and aministrator, with configurable powers, designated by cd key.
  • DMs and admins can view all tells on the server at the user's option, when logged in as player and/or dungeon master.
  • DMs and admins can view all dm channel messages on the server at the user's option, when logged in as a player.
  • Has 83 languages. Characters many speak the languages, either as one-liners, if the have the needed class, race, or subrace. Listeners receive an optional Lore check to understand even if they don't speak the language, and another (much lower) to at least recognize what languages is being spoken.
  • Has metachannels. Metachannels are added chat channels. They are very similar to the party channel, in that players control who is in their metachannel via invites. They may invite whomever they like, however, and are not limited to the members of their party. There is no set number of metachannels; rather, a metachannel is created whenever a player wants. The first invite sent out determines who the 'leader' of the metachannel is. When that invite is accepted, the inviter becomes the leader of a new metachannel. From that point on, any messages that any member types that begin with '/m' will be sent to every member of the metachannel, via the combat log. Metachannels will be logged with other text if you enable text logging. If you are uncertain what use these channels could be put to, the whole reason that I implemented them at all was for guild use on my PW, but I'm certain they will find other uses.
  • One, some, or all channels may be disabled when players are dead or silenced, at the users option.
  • One, some, or all channels may be disabled permanently, at the users option.
  • Players and dms have acces to a large number of emotes and commands

Using Player Commands on Higher Ground

There are many commands that use the SIMTools system to make interaction and gameplay easier for the player. All commands are processed through the chat log, so to access them simply type the corresponding command (along with any arguments that command requires) into any chat channel (talk, party, shout, etc.) and they will be picked up by the server and processed.

If a command requires a target, there are a few ways to define that target:

  • If the target is a player
    • Send the command as a tell to that player
    • Use the command normally, then send the !target command as a tell to that player (there will be a prompt directing you to do this if it is the case)
  • If the target is not a player
    • Use the created Command Targeter item or
    • Use Player Tool 2 (Command Targeter), which can be found in your Special Abilities radial for the first class you took a level in
      • Unlike the Command Targeter item, this method is instantaneous (does not require the action of using the item)

You can find a full listing of SIMTools commands in your journal and can use !list emotes or !list commands to send a list of available emotes or commands to your combat log.

Many classes on Higher Ground have abilities that are integrated into SIMTools; when this is the case you will find these commands mentioned on the individual class pages.

Frequently Used Commands

Out of the many commands available on Higher Ground, there are some that receive general use across all characters.

Character Information

  • !count type: Counts things of the given type. Current types include:
    • all: Counts all items in your inventory, important for avoiding the 150 item limit that will send your character to encumbria
    • demi: Counts the number of demigod iterations that affected the last spawn in the current area, important for determining the likelihood of encountering paragon monsters.
  • !list type: Lists a type of information in your combat log. Current types include:
    • ab: Lists the components of your attack bonus. Dual-wield penalties and your current weapon/attack bonuses are not included
    • ac: Lists the components of your armor class
    • acc: Lists the accomplishments your character has earned
      • acc prell: Lists the pre-legendary accomplishments your character has earned, the maximum level unearned accomplishments can be earned at, and the bonuses granted from earned accomplishments
    • autocast: Lists the spells in your autocaster
    • bankchest or bc: Lists your current bankchests, identical to the !bankchest list command
    • contents: Lists the rarities of items in the targeted container
    • equipment: Lists your character's equipment
    • feats: Lists any custom or legendary feats your character possesses
    • immunities or imm: Lists damage, spell, and other immunities on your character
    • inventory: Lists your character's inventory
    • loot: Lists the rarities of items your character acquired since the last reset; commonly used by bankers to ensure they put all items in a loot split
    • rarities: Lists the rarities of items your character is carrying
    • roles: Lists the personal and party roles you have assigned using the !role role name command
    • saves: Lists the components of your character's saving throws
    • servers: Lists all the servers of Higher Ground and their uptimes
    • skills: Lists the components of your character's skills
    • spknown: Lists all your known spells
    • spmem: Lists all your memorized spells
    • subraces: Lists any subraces you have acquired for your current account
    • voicebinds: Lists any quickchat commands you have currently bound by using !voicebind !command, where !command is any SIMTools command


  • !bazaar message: Sends a message to players on all servers using the bazaar channel
  • !chat message: Sends a message to players on all servers using the chat channel
  • !dmcall message: Sends a message to all DMs currently logged in on any server and is stored for later viewing should no DMs currently be logged in.
  • !guild message: Sends a message to guild members on all servers using the channel for your guild
  • !newbie message: Sends a message to players on all servers using the newbie channel
  • !runmsg message: Sends a run announcement to all servers, informing players of the server you are on so that they may join the server and your run. This command is only to be used in this fashion and abuse of the command can lead to your usage privileges being revoked.
  • !show channel: Sends the recent history of the specified channel to your combat log, where channel can be global, chat, newbie, bazaar, or guild

Party Tools

  • !autosell: Displays a conversation that allows you to automatically convert less desirable random loot into gold depending on the quality, rarity, and augments the potential items would have. The profits are automatically split amongst party members whenever a container is popped containing an item that falls below the specific value threshold. This command can be used several times sequentially to further refine the loot quality that is autosold
  • !autorand: Disables item property randomization for random loot spots and the corresponding loot drop frequency increase
  • !bulksource: When using a guild split merchant, the container targeted with this command will empty its contents into the merchant window. This is the only means for selling plot or otherwise unsellable items, usable artifacts and traps come into this classification
  • !bulksell: When using a guild split merchant, this initiates the automatic sale of all remaining items in the chest. When confirmed with the !bulksell confirm command, the resulting profit will be split among the current party members.
  • !partyroll argument: This command is used to by parties to determine the order for taking loot in a loot split and has a few arguments. Players not currently in the same area as the party leader will be skipped.
    • pass: When a player decides to no longer participate in the loot split, they can use this argument with the command. The list will be updated in the party's combat log to reflect the change
    • update: Will send the current partyroll status to the party's combat log

Character Tools

  • !bankchest chest name: Changes the current bank chest to the specified name, for use with Transfer or Storage chests located in the Bank of Waukeen or in guild halls. Can be abbreviated as !bc chest name. Each named chest can hold up to 50 items (with a limit of 10 randomized items), and there is no limit to the number of bankchests you can have. Items stored in transfer chests are bound to a specific CD Key, whereas items in a storage chest are bound to a specific character.
  • !bankchest list search: If no search argument is given, lists all of your current bank chests. If you know part of the name or want to restrict the search results, you can add a search argument that will return chests only containing those characters (i.e. you have 200 bank chests and are looking for an augment, where 5 of your chests are named augX, using !bc list aug will return only those 5 chest names).
  • !dX: Where X is 4,6,8,10,12,20, or 100, this command rolls a dice with the respective amount of sides
  • !opt option: This command changes the current status of an option specific to the character you have logged in. To see a list of all options available to your character and their current status, just use !opt.
  • !portal XXX: Where XXX is the identifier of your destination server (as listed by !list servers), logs you out of your current server and logs you into the destination server.
  • !pcscry: This command starts the PC Scry conversation available through using your PC Scrying Device
  • !wallet argument: Allows you to perform transactions in a wallet that is bound to your CD Key. Current arguments include:
    • balance: Display your wallet balance (identical to using !wallet without any argument after it)
    • history: Display the last 20 entries in your wallet history
    • deposit X: Deposit X gold into your wallet
    • deposit all: Deposits all gold into your wallet, very useful for reincarnation especially when you have considerable sums of gold on you character
    • withdraw X: Withdraw X gold from your wallet
    • transfer X : Transfers the specified amount of gold from your wallet to the wallet of the player you have selected
    • search text: Search for the specified text in your wallet history
  • !who arguments: This command returns a listing of players to your combat log. There are many arguments that you can add after !who to expand its functionality. You can string multiple arguments together to refine your search (i.e. !who all guild to see all players logged in across all servers that are in the same guild as you).
    • all: lists players on all Higher Ground servers
    • dm: lists players logged in that are DMs or Guides
    • guild: lists only players that are in your guild
    • guilded: lists only players that have a guild tag
    • player: lists the playernames that each character is logged in with (this is enabled by default for a !who all command)
    • class: lists the classes of each character returned
    • area: lists the areas each character returned is in (this is enabled by default for a !who command issued with no arguments)
    • name: lists only the character names of characters returned
    • class-X: lists only characters of class X, where X is one of the class abbreviations used by !who class
    • party: lists only characters that are in your current party
    • hardcore: lists only characters playing in hardcore mode
  • !setname the name you want to attribute to the item: Changes the default item name to whatever you want when you use this command followed by targetting it with the command targeter, very useful for adding easy to find names for randomised items with useful properties, please note that this also removes the rarity coloring from the text of the item.

External Links

You can download the SIMTools system for use on your own server on the Higher Ground Legendary Level System page of the [NWN Vault].

To discuss specifics or seek support in using SIMTools, visit the SIMTools Speech Integration and Management Tools section of the [forums].

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