Loki's Hall

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Use a Planar Gem when asked in the light beam behind the Priest of Ascension to get teleported to this location. Level 30-35 area. Abode of Hel and her minions (level 35 accomplishment (see Accomplishments)), these can be extremely painful for casters to kill due to their almost complete immunity to spells, you will need to be present for the kills of all three named creatures to gain the accomplishment. Sonic damage is best, go grab a friendly melee character, equip them with a sonic weapon from Finely Crafted Imports, buff them and let them beat the creatures to death. Loki's Eye (the key for opening the portal to the Black Pyramid) drops from the throne but be careful when picking this up as if your character moves at faster than walking pace whilst in the Hall it will explode potentially killing you and nearby players, once you port out of the Hall it is safe to run again.



  • Loki's Eye

Rest Spawn Chance



  • Warrior Spectre
  • Rogue Spectre
  • Hel
  • Jormundgard
  • Fenris


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