Mordenkainen's Disjunction

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Caster Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 9

Innate Level: 9

School: Abjuration


Component(s): Verbal

Range: Medium (20 metres)

Save: None

Spell Resistance: No

Area of Effect/Target: Colossal (10 meter radius) or single

Duration: Instant (The reduced spell resistance lasts for ten rounds)

Description: Mordenkainen's disjunction attempts to strip all magical effects from a single target. The dispel check is now CL + (Abj foci * 2) + 1d20 vs a DC of (11 + target HD). When targeted at a single creature, breaches up to six magical defenses, lowers SR by 9 + (Abj foci) for 10 rounds, and inflicts an aura-suppression effect for 1 round, plus 1 round per Abjuration focus. When targeted as an area-of-effect spell, breaches up to two magical defenses and lowers SR by 10 for 10 rounds.


When cast from an item, the user's character level is used as caster level to cast this spell.
The reduced spell resistance lasts for ten rounds and it is an extraordinary effect, so it cannot be dispelled.

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