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Wizards are arcane casters that have a massive variety of spells at their disposal. When prepared with the right spells Wizards can rack up huge kill counts and deal massive amounts of damage at the same time.


HG Customization

  • Forum Class Ability Board
  • Languages: Wizards can speak Magic. To speak it, use the command /l magic [message] to speak a single line in Magic, or !speak magic to speak it until you !speak another language or opt to !speak common.
  • Any specialization made during character creation will be removed.
  • Specialist Wizards: In order to become a specialist wizard you must visit the spell pedestal in the docks at any level. You will have to sacrifice all use of two schools of casting to enhance another.
    • Specialist Wizards receive an additional rank of Spell Focus when casting spells of their specialty school.
    • This additional rank grants +2 DC and also improves the effects of spells which improve with Spell Focus rank.
    • This additional rank does not help qualify for custom Higher Ground epic spells but does allow earlier access to the Paragon spell for the specialization class.

Wizard Types

Maximizing their DC and Spell Penetration, a prepared Wizard is a force to be reckoned with.

Whether it be for saves or to capitalize on the egregious amount of skill points available to Wizards through their focus on Intelligence, some prefer to pick up a little something extra for a loss in their casting power.

  • Note: Any builds where you intend to maximise skills from a splash should be Elf base race as this will give you the Able Learner ability allowing any cross-class skills to be maximised to 63 in Legendary Levels (assuming you have enough skill points to spare). For this reason it is better to get maximum Intelligence as soon as possible over taking spell feats so that you optimise your skill points pool (particularly relevant if you are reincarnating a character).

Playing as Wizard

  • NOTE: the !sb commands are currently disabled in HG due to a server conflict that was identified as being caused by them!
  • It's fundamental to prepare your spellbook accordingly to the run. In order to facilitate that you can save using the commands:
    • "!sb save # NAME" - This will save your current spell books into slot # (0-9) with name NAME.
    • "!sb load #" - This will load saved spellbook # (0-9) into your active spell book.
    • "!sb list" - This will list your saved spell books.
  • At Paragon levels, make sure to grab Paragon of Polymath at 63. It allows you to use any Paragon Spell form a non-blocked school (Usually Karsus).
  • Unlike a Sorcerer you can easily make use of spell combos like Mind Fog + Mind Spells or Ghostly Visage + Time Stop. Take advantage of this.
  • Any spell without DC like Tenser's Transformation(for up to +20 Natural AC) Legend Lore (High Lore bonus) Spell Breach (work differently from Mord) and Powerword Stun/Kill should be used.
  • Make sure to employ the most advantageous spell for each boss, make sure to prepare you spellbook in advance.
  • Remember you cannot learn HG spells from scrolls: you must choose by spell selection on level up pre-41, through Arcane Research Crystals (found as unidentified gems in legendary level areas) or via the Codex of Arcane Algorithms

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