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Mother of all Dragons (MoAD) is a dragon and one of the Accomplishments, capped at level 40 AND without Immortal help (No immortals in the group - including the player).

MoAD's lair can be accessed via the sewers of Ascension below the town. Then through the Yuan-Ti coven.

To open all doors in Yuan-Ti coven, the seals of Deadpool, Glithilhdoul and an Anointed Human Sacrifice (either from drow house Matlisk or the Temple of Lolth) are needed. They all get consumed. This is an act of evil and Party members that need to stay good alignment should leave the party when the sacrifice is used and rejoin after.


Immunities to fear and mind-affecting spells are required.

General Notes

Yuan-Ti on the way cast nasty spells including Time Stops combined with Hellballs and Greater Ruin. If available spawn them under the Death of Magic Epic spell to prevent getting hammered with damage/instant death effects or use ranged weapons to drag them to you.

Strategy and Tactics

Magic and Divine works well on MoAD. Her high immunities & high regeneration makes it hard for many soloers to beat her.

MoAD has AB of 78 and AC of 61.


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