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  • The Elemental Planes are a group of areas created especially for leveling. There are endless quantities of spawns for characters in level ranges 48-60.
  • To enter the Elemental Planes you will need a Gem of Planar Travel. Use it at the Shaft of Light in Town. Option two leads to the Plane of Air, option three leads to the Plane of Earth. To enter the Planes of Fire and Water you must transition from the portals on the Shallow layers of Air and Earth. Once opened, the portal from town to the Planes stays open until the server resets.
  • The Elemental Planes are a free rest zone, Immortal characters will not fugue or limbo in the Elemental Planes.
  • As loot spawns directly from creatures here you can spam loot breaking spells with impunity as there is nothing you can break.
  • (New 2020)There are 8 Bosses in all, 1 Good one Evil for four elements. Tags from bosses add 1% elemental immunity to their respective element. Bosses can be spawned with crystallized elementals which drop from primal elementals (Energons), currently (at least) Energons can only spawn when there is more than one player in party. Crystals must be placed on altars of opposite elemental type EX- fire on water.

Note:If you have a crystallized elemental in your inventory others will not drop until you have stored or used it.


The Planes

There are four different elemental planes; Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each of these planes is divided into Shallow, Middle and Deep layers. Shallow is the easiest and is recommended for characters around level 48 with loot capping at level 54. Middle is recommended for characters around level 52 with loot capping at level 59. Deep is the hardest and is recommended for characters around 55. Deep is also where the most difficult enemies, such as energons can spawn and also where 16 gems can drop and be farmed. Each plane requires a specific immunity.

Spawn Structure

Spawns at Elemental Planes are dynamic and vary according to party size, paragon type creatures do not spawn in this area. The more players you have in party, the bigger and more challenging spawns will be. No spawn is set either. Each spawn is random and can include a vast variety of enemies, including some that implode, KD and even heal from elemental damage.

All loot is dropped from enemies instead of loot spots. When parties are below the area level range enemies also drop potion ingredients which can be brewed at the Alchemist. Enemies that spawn on specific Planes and the ingredients they drop are covered on the page for each Plane. There are some enemies that can spawn on any Plane, what these enemies drop is detailed below.

Ingredient Table
Enemy Ingredient Potion
Xac-Yij (Heal on Acid) Concentrated Extract of Acid Weapon Sufflation, Acid, Major
Xag-Ya (heals on Positive)
Xap-Yaup (Heal on Electric) Concentrated Extract of Electricity Weapon Sufflation, Electricity, Major
Xeg-Yi (Heal on Negative)
Xor-Yost (Heals on Cold) Concentrated Extract of Cold Weapon Sufflation, Cold, Major

Forge of Ixion

The Elemental Planes are also home to the Forge of Ixion. It can be accessed through a purple portal in a random spot located in the twelve elemental planes.
The Forge is used for a variety of tasks regarding randomized loot, such as de-randomizing, re-randomizing, removing augments (and depending on the items you have potentially recovering them for future use), adding properties and fixing lost properties.


Elemental Planes Bestiary

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