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The quest of Solis Gaobin is one of the Pre-LL tags, capped at level 35. It is a unique tag, in that the actions you must take, and the benefits you receive, are dependent on your alignment:
If you choose the Good option, you get 1% Negative immunity, as long as you stay Good;
If you choose the Neutral option, you get 1% Magical immunity, as long as you stay Neutral;
If you choose the Evil option, you get 1% Positive immunity, as long as you stay Evil.

Gypsy Warrior: Stay away from Mount P'Reeth if ya know what's good for ya.

Gypsy Chief: Castle Gaobin lies on the foothills of Mount P'Reeth. It was once home to the reclusive wizard Gaobin and his family. A decade ago, when the soldiers of Ascension fought the army of the Zhentarim on the Plains of War, Gaobin's only son fell in battle on that plain. So stricken with grief was Gaobin that he commissioned a priest to raise his beloved son from the dead. Gaobin should have checked the priest's credentials a bit more, because the priest in question was a priest of Cyric, the Dark Lord. The priest happily raised Gaobin's son as a vampyr and sent him back to his father's castle, where the vampyr slaughtered his own family and feasted on their flesh and blood. Once news of the horror at Castle Gaobin had reached the town of Ascension, adventurer's were quick to seek out the castle and the monsters it housed. None returned however, and the influx of fresh meat to the castle only fed the vampyrs and made them flourish. It was then decided that the best course of action was to stop people from going to the castle all together, to starve the vampyrs instead. Our purpose in life was to keep the wary traveler from wandering too far toward the Castle, lest the beasts feed again. And so it went for a generation, and the evil in Castle Gaobin receded. But recently the Zhentarim have become active again, and the inhabitants of Castle Gaobin are part of their malicious plans. They have stirred again the evil that rests there. The Seer has predicted your arrival...and your destruction of the evil that resides in Castle Gaobin.

From a book inside: Tulkis Gaobin tricked everyone into believing that he was a good man with an honest purpose. You know the truth: he is a member of the Zhentarim who has sold his own child's soul to further his placement within the Zhents and in the eyes of his god, Cyric.


Castle Gaobin is east of Mount P'Reeth - Foothills and is composed of several areas Castle Gaobin - Courtyard, Castle Gaobin - Main Floor, Castle Gaobin - Second Floor, Castle Gaobin - Basement & Castle Gaobin - Tomb, which is located off of The Crossroads, past the band of Gypsies. You will either need a searcher in the party to find the secret door on the second floor, or you will need to already have the key from Tulkis Gaobin.

General Notes

Beware of the Green Slimes on the Main Floor, which can slag metal armor and weapons. You should also drink a Neg potion, or have immunity to the Harm spell, as some of the Vampires do an on-hit Harm effect. You will also encounter Negative damage in a few other places, such as traps and spells.

After you kill the Vampyrs, they will return in Gaseous Forms, which are invulnerable. Ignore them.

A Stone of Rebirth can be found on the Basement level. The Greater Helm of Haste +10 spawns on the Tomb level.

If you want some more XP, or just feel like slaying some vampires the good old-fashioned way, there are more stakes in a storeroom on the Basement level.

Strategy and Tactics

Enter the Main Floor through either door, and collect the wooden stakes near the tree on the east side of the map. On the second floor, you will encounter more Vampyrs and Solis himself. You cannot kill him yet, so ignore Solis for now (or better yet don't spawn him at all). The searcher in your party should now search for the secret door along the wall in the Southwest corner of the map. Once you find the secret door, take the stairs all the way to the Basement. There, you will find Tulkis Gaobin, Solis's father. Kill him and take his key. Make your way north to the Tomb, where you will find Solis's tortured body.

At this point, you need to decide who wants which tag. The Good folks will get their tag upstairs, and should leave the party at this point. The Evil and Neutral folks need to decide whether they want the Evil or Neutral tag, since you can't do both on the same day. Anyone who doesn't want the tag can safely leave the party. Those who do want the Evil / Neutral tag should do the following.

As you approach the captive body of Solis Gaobin, you will automatically enter a dialogue. You initially have four options, but only one will work: Plunge a wooden stake through his heart. Do this, and you are given another set of options: Pray for his soul (Gives you nothing, do this if your party ONLY wants the Good tag), wipe the gore from your hands (Gives your party the Neutral tag), or piss on his ashes (Gives your party the Evil tag). Pick one and reform the party. Those who didn't get the Evil / Neutral tag and DON'T want the Good tag should stay out of the party, and come back some other day. If you did receive the Evil / Neutral tag, you can safely complete the Good quest without fear of one overwriting the other.

Solis's personal belongings should now be at your feet. For the Good tag, you will need the Holy Symbol of Lathander, so collect Solis's personal belongings and head upstairs. (On your way out, don't forget to stake a few Vampires in their coffins for some extra XP.) Once you are back on the second floor, head toward Solis's bedroom (the one with the purple glow). Run past Solis and into his bedroom, and place the Symbol of Lathander on his altar. After this, he is no longer invulnerable, and can be killed. Once you kill him, he will appear as an apparition, and thank you for freeing him. Choose the first option ("All in a day's work") to receive the Good tag.

If you make a mistake and get the wrong tag, the Rowan Tree Guardian in town can wipe it for you.

It is probably currently best to take the Neutral tag (especially if you have a Charisma bonus to saves) as there are no areas that affect your alignment on the Lawful/Chaotic axis so you can safely remain neutral once you achieve Legenday Level.

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