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To add items to HGWiki, use the 1Item function

  • First, upload the image of the item you are listing using the Special:Upload function. Try to edit the image appropriately, but if you dont have the ability to do so, upload the entire screenshot. (note, when taking screenshots for items, its highly recommended to get the level requirement in the shot, which means having a low level character take the screenshot)
  • Then, add the page using the exact name of the in-game item.
  • Use the 1Item function when adding the page:

{{1Item|drop=RARITY|slot=ITEMSLOT|image=IMAGEFILE}} Where

  • RARITY is how rare the item is:
    • Static
    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Ultra-Rare
  • ITEMSLOT is what type of item it is:
    • Armor
    • Helmet
    • Neck
    • Gauntlet
    • Boots
    • Cloak
    • Shield
    • Flag
    • Weapon
    • Staff
    • Wand
    • Scroll
    • Potion
    • Other
  • IMAGEFILE is the name of the image you uploaded.

Example {{1Item|drop=Ultra-Rare|slot=Armor|image=SpellchainofWilamrosShortankard.jpg}}
Would automatically format the Spellchain of Wilamros Shortankard as an ultra-rare armor, including the image of the items details. You can also hit enter on each line to make it easier to enter, such as


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