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Wisdom describes a character’s willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition, whereas Intelligence represents the ability to analyze information. An "absent-minded professor" has low Wisdom and high Intelligence. A simpleton with low Intelligence might nevertheless have great insight (high Wisdom). Wisdom is important for Clerics and Druids, affecting the strength and number of their spells, and is also significant for Monks, Paladins and Rangers. Your wisdom modifier is added to all will saving throws. If a character has at least one Monk level and is wearing only robes and has no shield equipped you will gain a Wisdom based AC modifier (Druids can still gain the AC boost while using any shield other than a Tower type). Wisdom also becomes the primary stat for determining AB if you have either/or the Zen Archery (ranged weapons only) feat or the Intuitive Attack feat (there is a limited selection of melee weapons for which this works).

Further information

  • Any creature that can perceive its environment in any fashion has at least 1 point of Wisdom.
  • Having a score of 0 means that the character is withdrawn into a deep sleep filled with nightmares, helpless.
  • Anything with no Wisdom score is an object, not a creature. Having no Wisdom automatically means it will have no Charisma and vice versa.
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