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Drop Static
Slot Item


Acquiring the Token

To get a token, you must first get to the The Workshop. You cannot enter the workshop until you are level 55. Zerial will not give away a token if someone has opened a portal to Avernus, the Abyss or Limbo, so check first that there is no active portal in the middle of the room. You must also have a Hellstone on your person. The Workshop is located off of the last map of Dustbone -- Vashyk's Fall. There are three main ways people get to the workshop to get a token:

  1. Join a DB run after one is 55 and go get the token after completing the run but before going back to town.
  2. Find a server where DB has been completed and the Chain of Climbing has been used. Go through the first desert map, down the chain, then down into the pit to the entrance. Note that you cannot enter if monsters have been despawned, so either kill them or be prepared to wait.
  3. Use a Stone of Succor once your party leader is in the Workshop. Do not do this if you are not level 55 yet. Do inform your party of your intentions so the leader won't leave the workshop before you use your stone. Do be aware that if someone opens the portal you cannot obtain a token (though you will be able to join the run).

Once in the workshop, have or borrow a Hellstone and talk to Zerial. One of the options will allow you to acquire a token which will make getting back to the The Workshop a lot easier. This will not consume the Hellstone. Do not touch the Portal Activator unless you want to start a Tiamat run -- it will consume your Hellstone.

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