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Contains the mad gnomish experimenter Zerial and the portal machine which will open the way to Avernus the first layer of the Hells when presented with a Hellstone (consumed on use) or The Abyss when presented with an Abyssal Splinter (consumed on use). Once opened the Abyss portal will allow 11 characters to become attuned to Pazunia The machine now also opens the way to Limbo Part 1 when presented with a Slave Waystone (consumed on use) or Limbo Part 2 (Easy or Hard mode) when presented with a Portal Tuner (consumed on use) of the required type.
Note: Once you have activated any one of the portals using the machine you will not be able to activate another until the server has reset and attempting to activate another may cause the loss of the activation item (to be confirmed), also do NOT log out once you have initiated any portal opening sequence until it has completed or you will lose the activator and the portal will remain closed.


  • Zerial - Zerial can fix items lost through death for a cost if 24 hours have passed since the event (in the case your run was unsuccessful), if it was successful he will be able to fix it when you return through the portal at the end of the run to The Workshop.
  • Pulpo Oblongatus - Can only be found on server 111 where he sells Augmenters up to UR quality for prices that increase every time they are purchased. The Augmenters for sale randomly change on server reset.


  • Portal which gives access to the following -
  • Wandering Wyrm
  • Hells All areas except Avernus (see above) Note: Take care when selecting a specific Hell layer as this does not require a confirmation and you may find youself in a different layer to the rest of your party
  • Oinos
  • Abyss via Pazunia Aldinach's Egg Note: Once you have entered Pazunia through the portal created by an Abyssal Splinter you can use the Pazunia option until you have completed an Abyssal Prince win which will clear your access and require the use of a new Splinter
  • Limbo part 1 via a portal generated when you use a Slave Waystone (consumed) in the machine, you can then decide whether to do easy or hard Limbo through a conversation with Ssenadam in the zone before the run begins.
  • Limbo part 2 using the Portal Tuner which is obtained on successful completion of part 1, there are two portal tuners a blue one obtained from part 1 easy and a red one from part 1 hard which give access to the respective easy or hard part 2 runs.
  • Allows you to begin the Saving Pelor run by using your five wand fragments in the machine.
  • NOTE:If you are the portal activator do NOT log out during a portal activation sequence or the portal will not open and you will have wasted the activation item.
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