Zhentarim Outpost

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More backstabbing types in this area, the Zhentarim hit much harder though. Two levels of this area the lower one contains Captain Angus Materi and Archmage Elanna Nightstar (both level 35 accomplishments (see Accomplishments)). Angus can be extremely difficult due to a large stack of heal potions real Devastating Critical and extremely high saves. Unless you can disable him (usually by walling him away from you as he is immune to all Bigby's except Interposing) he can reduce a level appropriate party to corpses in quick order. If left alive long enough he will also use a Shadow pack making him immune to all Death Magic. Elanna has some Greater Ruins and sometimes does not give the accomplishment due to an as yet undiscovered quirk in the game. A very useful item for Assassins is in the High Priests room in this area.

Rest Spawn Chance



  • Assassin
  • Zentarim Guard
  • Priest of Bane
  • Summoned Protector
  • Zhentarim Sentinel
  • Vampire Thrall
  • Captain Angus Materi
  • Archmage Elanna Nightstar
  • Teldorn Darkhope High Priest of Bane


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