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Sorcerer information on NWNWiki

Sorcerers are arcane spellcasters. They know fewer spells than Wizards, but can cast those they do know more often, without the need to prepare in advance and also have the channeling ability, allowing them to increase the potency of those spells.


HG Customization

  • Legendary BAB: +9
  • Forum Class Ability Board
  • Languages: Sorcerers can speak Magic. To speak it, use the command /l magic [message] to speak a single line in Magic, or !speak magic to speak it until you !speak another language or opt to !speak common.
  • Bonus Equipment Spell Slots: Sorcerers receive 50% additional bonus spell slots from wearing items which grant them bonus spell slots.
    • This bonus is reduced to 33% for sorcerers who belong to a quasiclass.
  • Additional Spell Options: Sorcerers may now learn extra spells from the spell pedestal in Legendary Levels. They gain an extra 1st level spell at Sorc level 22, and extra 2nd at Sorcerer 24, continuing up to an extra 9th at Sorcerer 38. Only pre-ll Sorcerer levels count in this calculation. In addition, Sorcerers can take the 'Extra Spell Known' feat to let them take one extra spell for each rank in the feat.
  • Channeling: Legendary Sorcerers can channel up to three additional temporary caster levels into their spells with the !mm channel command. Pure sorcerers receive one level of channeling free, meaning they can only channel up to two additional levels. While channeling, casting a spell will consume additional spellslots.
  • Sorcerer Spell Changes
  • Epic Arcane Spells
  • Paragon Arcane Spells

Sorcerer Types

Sorcerers like other caster types depend highly on caster levels for spell damage, penetration and duration. Because of that it is uncommon to see a Sorcerer build that has less than 38 levels of Sorcerer at level 40 and above. Pure Sorcerer's are common. A pure Sorcerer gains the benefit of having all their spells automatically channeled one caster level higher. It is also common to add a single level of another class. Usually these builds have 39 Sorcerer levels and splash in a single Paladin level to maximize their saving throws while retaining decent spell power.

Variation in Sorcerer builds most often occurs through the spells, feats and especially focus feats they take.

Spell Foci

  • Abjuration: It's Extra DC for banishment, but with debuffs and channeling, you can still use Banishment effectively without epic spell focus.
  • Conjuration: It does boost the AB of spells such as Evard's and Orbs. This along with Evocation are the primary sources of elemental damage types and also provide some exotic damage as well. The epic for conjuration is the unique crowd controlling Bigby Swarm. Conjuration is also the primary school for summoned creatures and adding focuses increases the power and durability of them. Note that there are no Conjuration damage spells of level 8 or 9.
  • Divination: This spell focus doesn't offer much apart from a defensive boost to Premonition and making Power Word: Kill more powerful. The Contingency epic that resurrects and rebuffs you after death is quite useful. Foci in this school are required for killing monsters with Power Word Kill in the Abyss. Items that give bonus feat(s) in divination focii, combined with spell focus draughts can overcome this limitation.
  • Enchantment: It boosts DC for a range of situational spells such as Hold Monster and Rebuke. This includes a several groups of spells for charming, holding and dominating humanoids and monsters. Despite the description, the epic spell doesn't summon a real balor, unfortunately it's just a college kid in a balor costume. It also raises the attack bonus of Greater Magic Weapon which is much requested in runs. This is not a common focus but can make for a unique crowd controlling build.
  • Evocation: Evocation boosts DC for a large range of useful damage spells such as Gust of Wind, Polar Ray, the Bigby spells, Meteor Swarm, Sunburst, Incendiary Cloud and others. Evocation has useful damage spells at every spell level.
  • Illusion: Illusion is a very popular spell focus for Sorcerers. It determines the DC for Weird and also boosts the concealment of Displacement and Ethereal Visage and lengthens the duration of Ghostly Visage. The Illusion epic, Starfire, is good for knocking down enemies and doing damage to a large group of enemies once per rest. Vortex of Teeth, while not the most powerful spell, is capable of hitting almost anything, and in some situations may well be the highest damage spell you have. There are relatively few Illusion spells but they are often considered to be very useful.
  • Necromancy: Popular due to the wide range of Necromancy debuff and instant kill spells Sorcerers have. It boosts Wail, Energy Drain, Finger of Death, Circle of Death and Enervation. The epic for this school stops all enemy non-epic offensive magic for a short time, this is most often used when bosses are Near Death to stop them healing or when spawns contain a high number of caster type creatures which can overwhelm a party with spells.
  • Transmutation: Transmutation is a very popular focus since it determines DC for Disintegrate, Flesh to Stone and Bestow Curse. It also gives Epic Wall which is very handy in some end game areas if used properly. This is another focus that improves a small set of very useful spells.

Artifact Use

  • Whilst the majority of Sorcerers choose to use the Charisma artifact Lock of Sune Firehair's Hair to increase the DC of spells cast (most useful for instant death effects) some use the Spell Penetration artifact Sigil of Mystra to increase SP for all cast spells

Ego Item Use

  • There are several Ego items possibly of use to a Sorcerer, +1 Caster Level, +1 DC, +1 Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Focus in all spell schools. As you can wear only one at a time (but can hold more than one in your inventory unlike artifacts) there may be justification for carrying more than one (if you have access) and swapping as the situation demands at the cost of some memorized spells.

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