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Theurge (Cleric/Wizard)


Must have 9 levels of Cleric, 9 levels of Wizard, 18 base Intelligence, and 18 base Wisdom before level 20.


On achieving [Theurge status at level 18 or 19, the Theurge receives Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft) as a free feat.


  • All cleric and wizard spells use (cleric level + wizard level + legendary levels if control class is cleric or wizard) - 1 to calculate caster level.
  • All cleric and wizard spells use (cleric level + wizard level + legendary levels if control class is cleric or wizard) + 1 to calculate spell penetration.
  • All spells follow standard rules for calculating DC.


Due to the decreased Caster level a Theurge can't naturally reach Caster level 60. This causes some spells lose crucial benefits.
This may be offset with the spell Energy Drain (level IX for both Cleric and Wizard) or some special items such as Sigil of Mystra or CL Ego augments.

  • Note: The effects of CL Ego's on a Theurge is currently untested and unconfirmed so it is purely theorized

Building a Theurge

The class combination for Theurges is tricky as it always involves sacrificing something.

  • You will first need to choose if you will be using Wisdom or Intelligence for DC.
  • You also need to decide if you want Epic Spells or if you prefer to have 9th level spells from both classes.

Here a few hints:

  • A base score of 19 is required to use the level 9 spell slots even for metamagic spells.
  • Necromancy's spell Energy drain will let you temporarily improve your CL this is useful for important effects such as CL 60 Battletide and Premonition.
  • Illusion school is a good school as it enhances Ethereal Visage, Ghostly Visage and Creeping Doom (Clerics with plant Plant Domain).
  • Conjuration is a great choice as it enhances several soup spells (Blade Barrier, Storm of Vengeance, Grease, Evaard's...)

Recommended splash classes

  • Ranger is sometimes splashed for the bonus feat and often as used for either Greater or Epic Spell Focus and search skill.
  • Rogue is a popular splash with any Arcane as the high INT score makes for a good "loot mage"
  • Monk is often splashed with a WIS based build, as it provides excellent AC, and access to tumble and discipline.

Tips for Building and Playing

Preparing two Spellbooks is time consuming and require experience. Consider using:

  • !sb empty and !sb fill to edit the spellbooks faster.
  • !qb save <slot> <name> <bar> allows you to save up to 9 quickbars. !qb # can restore a quickbar with previously set spells
    • General purpose bars like buffs, soup spells or preferred spells could be saved and quickly loaded with a custom text macro.

Damage spells without a save

The following spells do damage without requiring a save, therefore being equally useful for all types of Theurges.

Name Class Spell Level Relevant spell focus Notes
Corrosive Grasp Wizard 1 - -
Shocking Grasp Wizard 1 - -
Magic Missile Wizard 1 - -
Combust Wizard 2 - -
Melf's Acid Arrow Wizard 2 - Very long range
Vampiric Touch Wizard 3 - -
Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm Wizard 4 - -
Ice Storm Wizard 4 - -
Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm Wizard 6 - Very dangerous with the KB it can cause
Detonate Wizard 9 - If target resists the instant death,
it takes cld10 boosted by lore fire damage
Searing Light Cleric 3 - Sun domain adds a level 2 version
Flame Strike Cleric 5 - -
Ice Storm Cleric 5 - Requires Magic or Water Domain
Harm Cleric 6 - It' a negative energy spell that doesn't require a save
Heal Cleric 6 - -
Destruction Cleric 7 - If target resist the instant death,
Does CLd6 magic damage
Creeping Doom Cleric 7 Illusion Requires Plant Domain

List of Cleric spells that doesn't require Wisdom score

Theurges may use the following Cleric spells effectively, regardless of Wisdom modifier. (note that spells that get crucial benefits at CL 60 aren't listed)

Name Class Spell Level Relevant spell focus Notes
Foundation of Stone Cleric 1 - Use "!cancel 2076" to remove it early
Resist Elements Cleric 2 Abjuration -
Invisibility Purge Cleric 3 - -
Prayer Cleric 3 - Useful for reduced saves
Remove Blindness/Deafness Cleric 3 - -
Remove Curse Cleric 3 - -
Remove Disease Cleric 3 - -
Darkfire Cleric 3 - -
Frost Weapon Cleric 3 - -
Corona of Cold Cleric 3 - -
Divine power Cleric 4 - -
Freedom of Movement Cleric 4 - Gets full bonus at CL 59
Neutralize Poison Cleric 4 Divination -
Restoration Cleric 4 - It's a swift action
Greater Magic Weapon Cleric 4 Enchantment -
Healing Circle Cleric 5 - Requires high level of Heal skill to be effective
Spell Resistance Cleric 5 Abjuration
Battletide Cleric 5 - -
Monstrous Regeneration Cleric 5 Conjuration -
Greater Sanctuary Cleric 6 - -
Energy Immunity Cleric 6 Abjuration -
Greater Restoration Cleric 7 - -
Resurrection Cleric 7 - -
Mass Heal Cleric 8 - Might be useful against many undeads
Mass Greater Sanctuary Cleric 9 - -
True Resurrection Cleric 9 Conjuration Becomes a long range spell with spell focus

Wizard spells without a save

And the following Wizard spells:

Name Class Spell Level Relevant spell focus Notes
True Strike Wizard 1 - Useful for touch spells
Shield Wizard 1 - 16 deflection at CL 48
Expeditious Retreat Wizard 1 - -
Mage Armor Wizard 1 Abjuration Grants up to 15 armor AC
Shock Weapon Wizard 2 - -
Flame Weapon Wizard 2 - -
Ghostly Visage Wizard 2 Illusion Acts as a non timer mini sanctuary with spell focus with duration increasing per additional focus
Resist Elements Wizard 2 Abjuration -
Vocalize Wizard 2 - -
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Wizard 3 Divination -
Displacement Wizard 3 Illusion Works on heavy armor
Greater Magic Weapon Wizard 3 Enchantment -
Gust of Wind Wizard 3 - Just for cloud removal
Keen Edge Wizard 3 Transmutation The clones remove the need for Spell focus
Elemental Shield Wizard 4 - -
Lesser Spell Breach Wizard 4 - -
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Wizard 4 - -
Stoneskin Wizard 4 Transmutation Requires Legendary Spell focus to reach +15
Wall of Fire Wizard 4 - -
Bigby's Interposing Hand Wizard 5 - -
Energy Buffer Wizard 5 - -
Lesser Mind Blank Wizard 5 - For hell mind effects
Lesser Spell Mantle Wizard 5 - -
Mestil's Acid Sheath Wizard 5 - -
Ethereal Visage Wizard 6 Illusion Loses 5% due reduced CL
Greater Stoneskin Wizard 6 Transmutation Requires Legendary Spell focus to reach +15
Legend Lore Wizard 6 - -
Eyebite Wizard 6 - Basically a single target long range prayer
Globe of Invulnerability Wizard 6 - -
Spell Breach Wizard 6 - -5 SR spell
Stone to Flesh Wizard 6 - -
Tenser's Transformation Wizard 6 - -
Spell Mantle Wizard 7 - -
Energy Immunity Wizard 7 Abjuration Innefective without spell focus
Power Word, Stun Wizard 7 Divination -
Greater Sanctuary Wizard 8 - as level 7 cleric spell
Greater Spell Breach Wizard 8 - -7 SR
Black Blade of Disaster Wizard 9 - -
Gate Wizard 9 Conjuration Requires spell focus to be used effectively as a teleportation effect
Greater Spell Mantle Wizard 9 - -
Mordenkainen's Disjunction Wizard 9 Abjuration -10 SR & dispell
Power word, kill Wizard 9 Divination -
Time Stop Wizard 9 - -
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