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Artifacts in Higher Ground are unique items of immense power. No character may have more than one of them at a time. Attempting to pick one up while one is already in your possession will result in a massive explosion (2000 points of magic damage in a very large radius) and the loss of both artifacts.

Ability Enhancing Artifacts

These artifacts grant ability enhancements. Only one can ever be used per character, so choose wisely. They may not be used before level 55. Six grant +2 to one stat and they all grant one or more special effects. Once you have used an ability enhancing artifact you can safely pick up another (assuming you are not also carrying one of the item type artifacts).

Artifact Stat Increase Effects Location
Hand of Vecna+2 STRImmunity to death magic (including the death gaze of a Bodak!) and stun
Death attack 1/rest DC = character level including legendary levels
Mask of Vhaerun +2 DEX Permanent ultravision
Immunity to blindness
Darkness unlimited/rest
Random BUR
The Orb of Dragonkind +2 CON perm +8 regen
Immunity to poison (not absolute)
Dragon breath once/5 minutes, reduces enemy fire immunity by 50%
Halves KD duration
Random BUR
The Eye of Vecna +2 INT Immunity to Confusion, perm True Sight
Dominate (no save)1/rest
Zorbgot's Hive
Pyramid Energy +2 WIS Immunity to Fear (absolute)
+500hp 1/rest
Black Pyramid
Lock of Sune Firehair's Hair +2 CHA perm 10% fire immunity
Immunity to deafness
Fireshield (as Elemental Shield, but double duration and damage) 1/rest
Tymora's Lucky Charm N/A +3 to all saves
perm haste
+20 to skills 1/day (applies to +50 magical cap)
Limbo(Part 2)
Sigil of Mystra N/A +1 spell penetration
perm SR 10+level (sr 70 at level 60)
+3 caster level, DC and SP 1/day for 10 rounds
Tear of Selune N/A increased movement speed
immunity: movement speed decrease
blind enemies 1/day
Greater Sanctuary 1/day


All consumable artifacts have a GP value of 1 allowing any character to identify them.
As both the Dex and Con artifacts can drop as random BUR loot be careful when opening BUR chests or picking up random loot in areas where BURs can drop.
The artifacts that drop in areas where demigods can not Fugue have a 25% chance of dropping, the other 75% of the time they will in fact explode on generation, if demigods can fugue in the area there is a 100% chance they will drop.
The Stun, Fear and Confusion immunity provided is at the maximum possible level and will prevent these effects being applied to your character no matter what the source is, however Fear immunity does not cover the effect caused by Death Knights in the Abyss as this is a turning effect.
If you use a stat artifact, it is used up and you are no longer carrying it as it is irrevocably bound to your character (barring a change during Reincarnation). In other words, characters who have used an artifact can carry an artifact item. For example wizards who have used The Eye of Vecna can carry the Ssith torch.

Be careful in non-immo places when picking up an artifact. If you already have one in your inventory you will cause a huge area 2000 Magical damage explosion in addition to losing both artifacts.


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