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This article is about the Limbo run. The term 'limbo' also refers to one method of respawning; see Fugue for more information.



Limbo, home of the loathsome Slaadi and the xenophobic Githyanki, is a two-part run spanning 11 areas and 75 different foes. Limbo is recommended for a party of 6 to 10 level 61-65 characters (also see note on dynamic spawns below), and features both an 'easy' and 'hard' mode with differing degrees of challenge and reward. It is the first area of the mod in which the new and most powerful class of loot, eXtremely Rare (xR) can be obtained and the very first designed to challenge paragon-level characters!

  • xR (Category:XRs) items (including races) are acquired through a purchase with Soul Canopics. These can be acquired through loot points, secrets and creature drops throughout the run.
  • Limbo areas have a penalty akin to very deep Hell layers, for more information check Hell_Penalties however in this area it is primarily associated with physical damage immunity reduction rather than elemental/exotic reduction, unless you have significant penalty reductions from Paragon Feats, Abyss price wins, etc) you are likely to find you have very low physical % immunity (this could actually end up at a negative value depending on your starting %).
    • Which also means that having characters with demi cycles/prince wins/paragon levels will result in stronger mobs (Superior and Elites).
  • Ring of the Planar Traveler resting on limbo maps require 1-3 charges (randomly) however it is possible to rest in Limbo without using a Planar Ring although there is a spawn chance and you should advise your party if you intend to do this so that they can prepare a suitable ambush if spawns appear. It is advisable to keep Biorejuvenators on your character as if unlucky you could use all your ring charges in four rests, it is worth noting that as long as you have one charge left you can still rest as the random element does not kick in until the rest has been initiated and at that point it will just zero the amount left if it is less than the requirement.


Limbo Bestiary
Set Limbo Loot


  • Save checks vary from 60 to the mid 80's, you'll need high saves to tank effectively. Note that save checks get so high and frequent that covering everything with saves only is not feasible.
  • Many enemies have extreme SR making them difficult to land spells on sometimes in combination with very high regeneration, so it's necessary to have good dps tanks.
  • It's a good idea to have additional sources of rest such as Biorejuvenator and The Fine Print

Spawn Structure

Spawns are dynamic in that the numbers and types of creatures scale with player group size.

Pt 1

Notable scary effects - the ones in bold highly recommended to cover with immunity from gear:

  • Power word, kill (Githzerai Chaosweaver)
  • Polar Ray (Githzerai Chaosweaver)
  • Implosion (Confessors - have Polymathy resurrect -type epic, need to kill twice)
  • Rebuke (Confessors)
  • Bombardment (Chaond Primalists)
  • Cast in Stone (Chaond Primalists)
  • Disintegrate (Keketars, Kaorti Alienists)
  • Weird (Kaorti Alienists)
  • Huge AOE Elec damage (Feral Elf Stormwardens! But also Anarchic Storm Giants and Zeugalaks)
  • Silence aura + Instakill aura (Eolians)

Other threats that should be addressed:

  • Called Shot (Feral Elf Archers) Put them in a Storm Tower and beat to death when you get a chance, alternatively your friendly Zen Ranger can pick them off.
  • SR Aura buffs ally SR to 100+, SR can't be dropped as long as mobs under aura - (Nishruu)
  • Arcane Spell Failure -Aura similar to Planetars from Elysium (Amorphion)
  • Dazing aura (Phasm)
  • Confusion (Quarks)
  • Fume-type mobs (Voidworms)
  • Petrify (Imentesh)
  • Single target Toss vs. Dex (Feral Skinwalkers)
  • Knockdown: [DEX: Chaos Roc, Feral Skinwalker] (STR: Unfinished Titan, Red Slaad) {TUMBLE: Anarchic Fox}
  • Preventing potion use (Gremlins)
  • Slaadi summon more Slaadi - unprepared parties will get chaotic
  • Lots of mobs apply various inflictions most notably acid and elec - as well as AC drain, various Stat drains, Level drain; thus frequent restoration from Restoration font, self-restore and cleric GR are highly recommended.

Pt 2

  • (To be continued.)

Recommended Tactics

  • A Lot of scary effects like stoning(pt1), instant death, berserk, confusion, stun(pt2): keep your party functional by covering as many of these immunities as possible and restoring teammates from these ailments when needed. Having stygia rods ready to use should be considered mandatory, and clarity potions from Alchemy shop for Daze to keep yourself functional.
  • Spawn triggers aren't always triggered by just one player - even five could be needed - thus party should move together and when spawn comes deal with it as a group. One rushing forward will cause wipes - on-point BBoD rod use (from Stygia) will help an unprepared or learning party, and backing away and splitting a tough spawn should be considered.
  • Spawning in Greater Sanctuary is highly recommended as unlike Hells and the Abyss this does not increase the chance of randoms and allows you to see what has spawned and where enabling a tactical advantage for your party.
  • The scariest mobs in Limbo are casters that spawn with buffs and spell shields similarly to Raks in hells or Dustman Necromancers in Abyss except scarier. Dispelling them at start of every spawn is highly recommended to make killing or controlling them possible. Confessors, Primalists, Chaosweavers and Feral Stormwardens should be focused with haste, preferably by high damage tanks after being dispelled. Alienists are also a type of scary caster, but since they are also extremely tanky it is recommended to dispel + sr drop + bigby 9 them before they wreak too much havoc and deal with them later.
  • Most creatures have very high Spell Resistance (it's not uncommon to pass 100), to hit them with spells a Druids Natures Balance or Frailty is mandatory and Persuade + Assay of Resistance is highly recommended on top.
    • Shifters are useful for ignoring SR and being able to inflict damage through conceal and SR.
    • High damage Tanks (2h divine tanks, weaponmasters, 2h monks) are extremely useful - note that many of the scary mobs are NOT immune to critical hits, so OC/DC and Weaponmaster splash are better than they used to be in some pre-PL areas.
      • Soak tanks shouldn't be soak only - utility is needed on top. Battle Clerics/Lash of Hatreds confirmed Awesome - perhaps Lizardfolk Shifter, a tank-built CS ranger, a shield wearing Stormlord or soaking bfm/dsm tanks could work nicely as well. Soak tanks should focus on support duties such as BBoD/Clarity use and picking party up so as to give damage tanks and casters room to kill the scary squishies.
  • Pickpocketing by Bards, Rogues and others can be highly beneficial as all Giths, all Ferals, all Kaortis (including Alienists!) and Lillends can and should be pickpocketed to prevent potion use.
  • Cleric's eradicate can be useful to kill extreme paragon creatures such as Superior/Elite Chaos Rocs/Kaorti Alienists/Black and White Slaadi.
  • Epic and paragon spells are highly effective if not mandatory for dealing with troublesome spawns and the Bossfights. Timing epics together makes hard spawns and boss fights a lot easier (or for some party compositions mandatory for success). Example1: Use Frailty + Karsus + Serendipity + Immute together, to remove saves / remove sr / massive dmg / keep dmg-dealers alive during this nuking period. Example2: Use MSD on boss to lower conceal, miracle to send mobs away from the boss (boss doesn't get disoriented, only regular mobs near players do) - spawn bard army, use immute/seren/dom/spam-massheal/masshaste to keep them alive and effective. Example3: Upon spawning a scary-looking spawn (or a boss) use Lure Phane to prevent the casters from buffing up with shields and giving party time to react - whether it be fighting or disengaging. There are many ways, these are some found very useful. Other particularly noteworthy epic/paragon spells are Drawmij's Preclusion, Aegis and Calling of the Heart.
  • Note that Limbo spawns are dynamic increasing in size and creature types as the party size gets bigger: It is possible to adventure in Limbo with less than the full 10 party, based on current information a party size of about 7 seems optimal with three damaging tanks and a full set of casters, ABCD+2h tank presence is likely to be needed for success regardless of party size.

For damage dealers: GO FOR THE SCARY CASTERS FIRST! And the less scary, big bulky intimidating mobs last.

Almost everything heals on something, so frequent weapon swapping can be needed. Potential noteworthy tank targets and/or healers include:

  • Confessors / Primalists
  • All Slaadi heal on Acid - in general they take Electrical>Cold/Fire | Slashing>Piercing>Bludgeoning | Non-Divine exotic damage
  • Arucha heal on Acid
  • Eolian heal on Acid
  • Feral elves heal on Positive at Superior and beyond except for the Stormwardens which heal off Electrical at Superior and beyond (anything that looks very Electric heals off Electrical - so Zeugalaks and Anarchic storm giants)
  • Kaorti heal on Acid at Superior and beyond
  • Keketars don't heal and take tank dmg well - they regen fast so you need focus to take down -- they do all sorts of scary stuff including disintegrate, curse song, ac and dr dropping... Take them out.
  • Hagunemnon don't heal and take tank dmg well - they regen fast so you need focus to take down. -- fairly scary damage if left alone for longer periods of time especially paragons but they have low ac so even blade barrier works fine
  • Lillend heal on Sonic SUP+
  • Trilloch heal on Negative -- Use high packet damage like WM crits due to their very high psionic kb / psionic infliction -- They berserk, specific immunity to Charm effect protects from this.
  • Unfinished Titans heal on Positive at Superior and beyond -- Big and bulky, less scary than intimidating
  • Chaos Rocs heal on Sonic at Superior and beyond - Fire | Bludge>Slash>Pierce work well -- small size toons can not hit them as they are huge similarly to Goristro
  • Nishruu // Not an ideal tank target // heal on Mag take shifter-source Fire and Greater Dispel well -- Extreme Conceal / Extreme SR -

List of Called Shot/Mortal Strike/Heartbane targets for Ranger/Assassin/Cleric with bolded ones as priority targets, if listed as high parry may need curse to CS and paragons may be out of reach. Same idea as damage dealers - kill scary casters first!:

  • All Anarchic animals (basilisk (high parry), fox, serpent), all Feral Elves, especially the Archers (stormwardens too!), Githzerai Monast and Githzerai Stalkers, Chaond Primalist and Chaond Vandal
  • Slaads of the Mud/Red/Blue types
  • Howlers
  • Discordant Souls
  • Quarks
  • Weavers // high parry, need curse and may not be possible on paragon variants
  • Mimics
  • Phasm
  • Naunet
  • Anarchic Storm Giant
  • Gremlin
  • Lillend // high parry, may not be possible on paragons of higher quality
  • Zeugalak // high parry, may not be possible on paragons of higher quality
  • Unfinished Minotaur

Gearing for Limbo - There are a lot of set items that can be used to help out when tackling Limbo, but here are some noteworthy ones.

  • Mord immunity doesn't seem to be needed in pt1 - Githyanki Stalkers breach on hit. Power word, kill and Implosion on the other hand are not needed in pt2. Amnesia is not present in Limbo in any form. Dispel is fairly common, but not mandatory to cover in pt1. Dispel immunity can be useful in pt2 for buff-reliant tanks as White Slaadi dispel on hit and Mageripper Swarms have a dispelling aura.


Part 1

Limbo - Ruined City of Shra'kt'lro

  • The portal to Limbo has been opened in Zerial's Workshop using a Slave Waystone from Thids. You have entered and find Ssendam awaits you.

Limbo - Ruined City of Shra'kt'lro: Housing District

Limbo - Ruined City of Shra'kt'lro: Merchant's District

Limbo - Monastery of Zerth'Ad'lun: Exterior

  • Home to Chaos Rocs, Voidworm Schools, Eolians and many other scary monsters on tiny islands. It can be the hardest map in Limbo pt1, but it can be easy if stars align. Be prepared for hard fights in a small space.
  • There is a mini boss here that induces rage (specific immunity to Charm effect protects from this) your character will automatically attempt to attack it - be careful to not use the Ring of the Planar Traveler before the rage is cured or you will find your rest attempts repeatedly broken effectively wasting whatever charges you used. CL 41+ Clarity will cure it.
  • Be careful when moving from island to island as if you activate a spawn other party members will not be able to transit until it is killed.
  • Ranged attackers quite often spawn on islands adjacent to where the main spawn is therefore you will need some way of reaching (Shadowstep) or killing them at a distance, it can be useful to put them in a Storm Tower whilst dealing with the non-ranged group especially if they are creatures with the Called Shot ability.

Limbo - Monastery of Zerth'Ad'lun: Interior

  • There are no Kaorti, Windscythes and many other mobs here; this allows to drop Weird and Implosion immunities. PWK and Daze immunity highly recommended.
  • The Boss will spawn with a normal last-map spawn (random - can have amorphions, lillends, undead etc depending on luck) and always with multiple Githzerai Chaosweavers. He will summon additional minions over the fight, but only Githzerai. He will change his form according to what he says; sometimes immune to physical, sometimes immune to elemental damage and sometimes dealing a LOT of damage to party whenever they injure the boss. Immute + combined high physical + high elemental damage will kill him fast - there are many ways to go about this.
  • It is recommended to kill the scary non-Githzerai mobs before going on a full offense on the boss. Dealing with amorphions, lillendi, phasms and the like first is imperative to keep the party functional. Casters should always be killed or disabled as they come; fast dispel + 2h tank crit/MS/CS/Weird/Death Magic (shifter basilisk is quite reliable after curse) will deal with this. Arcane ESF:Abj to drop conceal of the boss and PSK:Abj to prevent summons is very valuable. DoM can be used to prevent nasty spells when needed. Miracle Temp HP will make everyone immune to PWK for as long as their Temp HP is intact, combined with Immute can be used to nice effect. Lure Phane timed well (after the boss and his spawn is spawned and before they self-buff) can prevent the casters from spawning with buffs upon entering, speeding up their demise immensely. Illusory Army -> Immute will slay the boss fast in case the boss is the only target they will focus and Immute is used to keep the henchmen alive and Mass Haste is used to improve their damage. SR drop + Save drop + Karsus Chain/Claps will work nicely on the boss if timed well. There are many ways to go about it, but the party needs to do a fairly well coordinated effort to beat this boss.

Part 2

You will need to use the Portal Tuner obtained from the final boss in Part 1 on the portal machine.

Limbo - The Path of Chaos

The first 3 maps share this name.

Limbo - The Spawning Stone

Guardian of the Stone miniboss resides here, specific tactics are required to effectively deal with it.

Limbo - Fortress of Entropy: Outer Ward

Limbo - Fortress of Entropy: Inner Ward


  • Four tags are available for completion of these runs as follows; Keeper of the Unbroken Circle is the boss at the end of both Part 1 Easy and Hard, Guardian of the Stone & Ygorl for completing part two in both Easy and Hard mode and additionally Ssendaam for completing part two Hard mode, there is loot specifically tagged to all of these accomplishments.
  • Loot is tagged for use based on achieving these kills.
  • Beating Ssenadam (Part 2 boss) in Hard Mode gives an additional -1 layer penalty benefit.
  • The saves artifact Tymora's Lucky Charm now drops from Ygorl (available in P2 easy or hard).

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