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The High Priest of Ascension has the power to take life energy from adventurers. He also accepts donations to the church (as well as insults) - take care which action you choose, for this might influence your character's alignment (see Alignment Change).
Note: He will no longer converse with immortal characters so you will need to find other ways of changing your alignment on the Good-Evil axis once you have achieved immortality (if you are really desperate you could use the Rowan's Guardian to shackle you to 40).

  • You can request that the High Priest removes current deleterious effects from your character (e.g. disease, level drain, stat point reduction, etc.) and he will do this for no cost, useful if you do not have the abilities or items to do this yourself.
  • You may delevel your character at the High Priest, so long as you have not become immortal and have enough gold in your inventory (costs 1000gp per level x total levels removed) to perform the process
  • There is a known issue with de-leveling characters who have levels in Red Dragon Disciple
  • If you de-level them, the character will be invalidated via the Enforce Legal Characters function - DON'T do it!
  • You may not de-level a character if the character has 21 or more Fighter levels
  • DO NOT ask a DM to re-level you, if you do you will find yourself missing more levels than you wanted.
  • If the reason you want to de-level is that you have missed an Accomplishment (or you are affected by the RDD or Fighter limitations above) it is probably better to get to level 21 (or in fact any level before you achieve Immortality and take level 41) then use the Reincarnation process and pick up any missing accomplishments on the way back to your original level as the overwriting of tags/accomplishments is only part of the Reincarnation process for immortal characters.


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