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- requires Elf

Male FC: Wizard, Female FC: Cleric

  • SR 5 +1/lvl
  • INT +2
  • CHR +2
  • CON -3
  • STR -1
  • Free Feat: Darkvision
  • Save vs. spell +2
  • Speaks: Drow, Undercommon, knows Drow Sign Language

Male Drow gain an additional +2 INT
Female Drow gain an additional +2 WIS

Build Notes

Another subrace which is challenging to make effective characters with primarily because of the total -5 to Constitution potentially leaving you with very low hit points, however it is worth bearing in mind that a male Drow gets +4 to Intelligence which makes a good Wizard/Pale Master and a female Drow gets +2 to both Wisdom and Charisma making a Turner Cleric just about possible.

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