Eagle's Splendor

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Caster Level: Bard 2; Blackguard 2, Cleric 2; Paladin 2; Sorcerer/Wizard 2

Innate Level: 2

School: Transmutation


Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Touch

Save: Harmless

Spell Resistance: No

Area of Effect/Target: Single

Duration: 1 Hour / level

Description: The target creature's charisma is increased by 1d4+1. Adds 2d4+2 Cha at CL20 and 3d4+3 Cha at CL40 (to a maximum of +12). Is a Herald of Storms spell granting +1 per 8 CLs after CLL 20 to ability checks


This spell stacks with the Harper scout's eagle's splendor feat.
If the maximum charisma increase is not achieved, the spell can be cast again for a chance at a higher die roll. The recast will not lower the ability score.

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