Endure Elements

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Caster Level: Bard 2, Cleric 1, Druid 1, Paladin 1, Wizard/Sorcerer 1

Innate Level: 1

School: Abjuration

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Touch

Save: Harmless

Spell Resistance: No

Area of Effect/Target: Single

Duration: 1 Hour / Level

Description: The target creature gains damage resistance 10/- against all elemental forms of damage. The spell ends after absorbing 20 points of damage from any single elemental type, at CL21, instead of the normal effect, grants (CL / 6)% immunity to elemental damage.


Is now a Bard spell with HG Enhanced.
This spell protects against sonic damage as well as elemental damage.
This spell stacks with — and is applied after — feat-based sources of damage resistance.
This spell will replace earlier castings of itself.

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