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Caster level: Bard 6; Druid 6; Sorcerer/Wizard 5; Cleric with earth domain 5, fire domain 5, protection domain 5

Innate level: 5

School: Abjuration

Components: Verbal, Somatic

Range: Personal

Save: Harmless

Spell resistance: No

Area of effect: Caster

Duration: 1 Turn / level

Description: The caster gains damage resistance 40/- against all elemental forms of damage. The spell ends after absorbing 60 points of damage from any single elemental type.

HG enhanced

  • At CL20, maximum damage absorbed increases to (CL * 25), reaching 1000 at CL40.
  • At CL41, maximum damage absorbed increases to 1000 + ((CL - 40) * 100), reaching 3000 at CL60.
  • At CL41, the damage resistance increases to CL/-, reaching 60/- at CL60.


  • This spell protects against sonic damage as well as elemental damage.
  • This spell stacks with — and is applied after — feat-based sources of damage resistance.
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