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The Gnomish Inventor quasiclass combines the cunning of the Rogue with magical knowladge of the Wizard.


Gnomish Inventor Requirements

  • To qualify for Gnomish Inventor the character must be of Gnome Race, have 16 levels of Rogue and 10 levels of Wizard and have the following feats before level 31.
    • Spell Focus: Enchantment
    • Spell Focus: Transmutation
    • Skill Focus: Concentration
    • Skill Focus: Craft Armor
    • Skill Focus: Craft Weapon
    • Weapon Focus: Heavy Crossbow


  • Upon qualifying the Gnomish Inventor receive several spell-like abilitities to enhance his items according to how many Rogue and Wizard levels he has.

Gnomish Inventor Abilities


Inventors can attach four different kinds of damage adders to their bolts, using chat commands to toggle between them. Each adds 1d8 points of damage type specified for every 6 GI levels (rogue+wizard+LL).

!gi bolt 1 - bludgeoning
!gi bolt 2 - slashing
!gi bolt 3 - piercing

!gi bolt 4 - magical

The Inventor can also use the !gi bolt command to toggle between the types instead of specifying a type. All three bolt types are available to all Inventors.

-Inventors can attach a variety of different canisters to their bolts. Canisters, unlike bolts, are one-hit - they must be reapplied each time they are fired. They can only be applied once per round. Canisters require the inventor to be using one of the above bolt types in order to function - they cannot attach to normal untinkered bolts. The types of canisters available depend on the Inventor's levels (not counting legendary levels). Canisters completely ignore spell resistance.

Type Command Requirement Effect
Acidotic Eruptor  !gi canister 1 (no requirement) Inflicts an armor class penalty equal to (GI level/12). This penalty does not stack with bardsong.
Viscid Trammel  !gi canister 2 Rogue 20 Inflicts a Slow effect on the target (decreased movement, -1 to AB).
Quikrete Propagator  !gi canister 3 Wizard 22 Petrify the target unless it makes a Fortitude saving throw at a DC equal to the Inventor's Dexterity modifier plus (GI Level/3).
Fetcher  !gi canister 4 (no requirement)* attach to the target and haul it back to the Inventor if it fails a Reflex saving throw at a DC equal to the Inventor's Dex mod plus (GI Level/2). They can only 'fetch' Small targets and smaller, unless the Inventor has 26 rogue levels (not counting LL), in which case they can 'fetch' targets of size Medium and smaller.


Inventors can select a variety of armor bonuses, which appear as temporary item properties on the armor. These can be toggled between by means of the following commands. Once a type of armor contraption is selected, the Inventor activates it by casting the Mage Armor Spell. The types of armor modifiers available depend on the Inventor's levels (not including Legendary Levels).

Type Command Requirement Effect
Ceramic-Plated Vest  !gi armor 1 (no requirement) 5/- damage resistance per 6 GI levels (including LL) to acid damage.
Insulated Vest  !gi armor 2 (no requirement) 5/- damage resistance per 6 GI levels (including LL) to electrical damage.
Coiled Vest  !gi armor 3 (no requirement) 5/- damage resistance per 6 GI levels (including LL) to cold damage.
Flame-Retardant Vest  !gi armor 4 (no requirement) 5/- damage resistance per 6 GI levels (including LL) to fire damage.
Inventor's Vest  !gi armor 5 (no requirement) 5/- physical damage resistance per 10 GI levels.
Stealth Weave Plating  !gi armor 6 (no requirement +5 bonus to the Hide skill per 12 GI levels, and grants GI level concealment, with a 5% bonus for Wizard CC GIs
Mechanized Suit  !gi armor 7 Rogue 20 and Wizard 20 +1 to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution per 5 GI levels, and feat-level Immunity to Knockdown.
Force Field Generator not toggable Wizard 24 Grants Epic Mage armor feat with different effects (see bellow).

Bonus Shield AC

GI receive a Shield AC bonus of CL/10 when wielding crossbows.

Force Field Generator
There is an 8th kind of armor modification, the Force Field Generator, available to Inventors with 24 wizard levels (not including Legendary Levels). It cannot be toggled to by command; instead, Inventors with enough levels receive the Epic Mage Armor feat, which will activate this field. They get 1 use per rest for every 20 GI levels. The field strips any other Inventor armor modifications when activated, and is itself stripped if the Inventor activates a different Inventor armor modification. -The Force Field provides Soak equal to 30 plus 1 per Legendary Level (capping at Soak of 50 at level 60), and can absorb 2000 hit points damage, plus another hundred per Legendary Level, capping at a total absorption of 4000 at level 60. -While the field is active, the inventor also gets 1% elemental damage immunity per Legendary Level, and 1% exotic damage immunity per every 2 Legendary levels, to a maximum of 20% elemental and 10% exotic immunity at level 60.


Inventors are able to deploy emitters - small, antenna-like devices which can be configured to acheive different effects. The available effects depend on the Inventor's levels (not including Legendary Levels). The various types can be toggled between with "!gi emitter" or the following commands.

Type Command Requirement Effect
Paramagic Resonator  !gi emitter 1 (no requirement) drops Spell Resistance on enemies near it by 1 point per 6 GI Levels (including LL).
Kineto-Inertial Stabilizer  !!gi emitter 2 (no requirement) makes allies near it slower - but it also provides them with feat-level Knockdown Immunity.
Gravimetric Reconfigurator  !gi emitter 3 Wizard 12 grants a levitation-like effect to all creatures in the area.


Inventors are able to apply a number of effects to the handgear, just as they do their armor, by casting the Cat's Grace spell. Unlike with armor, however, they do not need to toggle between choices - all the properties available to them based on their levels (not including Legendary Levels) will be applied when they cast the spell. The available properties are

Benefit Requirement
Haste no requirement
Improved Critical: Heavy Crossbow Rogue 20
+5 bonus to Pick Locks per 12 GI levels Rogue 20
Power Critical: Heavy Crossbow Rogue 22
Superior Critical: Heavy Crossbow Rogue 24
Greater Weapon Focus: Heavy Crossbow Wizard 20
Epic Weapon Focus: Heavy Crossbow Wizard 22
Legendary Weapon Focus: Heavy Crossbow Wizard 24
Overwhelming Critical and Devastating Critical Heavy Crossbow Wizard 20 and Rogue 20

Hand Bombs

Inventors receive a Handbomb Assembly Kit when they attain their Quasiclass. The Kit is heavy, weighing just over 50 pounds, but it contains all the critical tools of the Inventor's trade.

  • When the Inventor rests, their Kit will automatically fill with all the handbombs the Inventor is able to use. The selection of bombs can be managed with the !gi bomb command.
  • Handbomb Spell Penetration is equal to GI level (rogue+wizard+LL), plus 6 points per Spell Penetration feat.
  • Handbomb Difficulty Check is equal to 22 plus Dex Modifier. Inventors of Control Class Wizard get an additional +1 DC per 10 Legendary Levels (max of +2 at level 60).
  • The number and type of handbombs available depends on the Inventor's levels (not including Legendary Levels). The different types are as follow:

Type Requirement Uses Effect
Cussers none 1/2 Saving throw penalty equal to bard song of GI level - 5
Easers none 1/2 Armor class and saving throw bonus equal to bard song of GI level - 5
Blowers Wizard 14 1/2 as per Gust of Wind spell
Stickers Wizard 16 1/4 As per Stonehold spell
Melters Wizard 18 1/4 As Acid Fog spell
Rumblers Wizard 18 1/3 As Earthquake spell with additional Reflex save vs. Knockdown
Shockers Wizard 20 1/3 As Scintillating Sphere spell with double damage
Suckers Wizard 20 1/5 A vacuum effect draws in foes and crushes them together (deal damage based on how many foes)
Clappers Wizard 22 1/3 As Great Thunderclap spell
Crunchers Wizard 22 1/3 As per Implosion spell
Warpers Wizard 24 1/10 Small AoE Time Stop-like effect
Greasers Rogue 18 1/4 As per Grease spell
Teasers Rogue 18 1/4 Area Tasha's Hideous Laughter spell
Netters Rogue 20 1/4 As Web spell
Crackers Rogue 20 1/4 As Soundburst spell with additional Will save vs. Stun
Smokers Rogue 22 1/6 Fog AoE conceals those within 40% melee 85% ranged
Fumers Rogue 24 1/6 Fumes in massive area kill vermin with +5 DC

Head Gears

Inventors can select a variety of fittings to incorporate into their helms, which appear as temporary item properties on the helm. These can be toggled between by means of the following commands. Once a type of helm fitting is selected, the Inventor activates it by casting the Clairaudience/Clairvoyance spell. The types of helm modifiers available depend on the Inventor's levels (not including Legendary Levels).

Type Command Requirement Effect
Etherscanning Goggles  !gi helm 1 (no requirement) True Sight.
Amplified Earpiece  !gi helm 2 (no requirement) +5 bonus to Listen per 12 GI levels (rogue+wizard+LL), along with 25% sonic damage vulnerability.
Telescoping Goggles  !gi helm 3 Rogue 18 +5 bonus to Spot per 12 GI levels.
Shielded Goggles  !gi helm 4 Rogue 18 Immunity to Blindness, and a -10 penalty to Spot.
Anomaly-Scanning Goggles  !gi helm 5 Rogue 18 +5 bonuses to Search and Disable Traps per 12 GI levels.
Shielded Earpiece  !gi helm 6 Rogue 20 Immunity to Deafness, and a -10 penalty to Listen.
X-Ray Goggles  !gi helm 7 Wizard 20 Unlimited Amplify spell on the helm that casts Know Vulnerabilities.
Rebreather  !gi helm 8 Wizard 22 Water breathing ability.
Electronscanning Goggles  !gi helm 9 Wizard 24 Unlimited Darkvision spell on the helm that allows the wearer to see the walls of Limbo.
Stethescopic Earpiece  !gi helm 10 (no requirement) Epic Skill Focus: Listen feat.

Portable Canon

Inventors with 24 wizard levels receive the Hellball feat for free, which is used to call up the Hyper-attenuated-recoil Pyrometallurgical Explosive Ejecter - H.a.r.P.E.E. for short.

  • They get one use of the spell per rest for every 20 GI levels (rogue+wizard+LL).
  • The H.a.r.P.E.E. is too complicated to assemble during combat - it must be deployed beforehand.
  • The H.a.r.P.E.E. is immobile once deployed, but can turn to face its targets. Its legs are used purely for recoil absorption.
  • The H.a.r.P.E.E. will blast targets with custom made explosives, dealing either Fire, Sonic, Piercing or Bludgeoning damage according to enemies. It fires one shot per round, which explodes in a huge radius, dealing 1d10 points of the appropriate damage type for every GI level.

Types of Gnomish Inventor

  • Rogue CC:
  • Wizard CC:

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