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This guide provides information about when to use Mord and/or Breach immunity, all Breach effects are onhit whereas Mord is the ranged spell effect sometimes the AoE mord rendering direct immunity ineffective. Paragon Rakshasa (Raja) sometimes cast the Epic Mass Spell Destruction so it is advisable to disable them asap.


Mord: Rakasha
Breach: Cornugon, Arachill, Masterwork Baatorian Green Steel Golem, Magebane

Map detail

Avernus, guarded by Tiamat and her five consorts.

  • 1-1: breach
  • 1-2: breach
  • 1-3: breach

Dis, ruled by the Archduke Dispater from his Iron Tower.

  • 2-1: mord (rare random breach)
  • 2-2: mord (rare random breach)
  • 2-3: Breach (rare random mord)

Minauros, where Quimath resides in the heart of the City of Chains.

  • 3-1: nothing (rare random breach)
  • 3-2: breach
  • 3-3: breach

Phlegethos, overseen by the Lords Belial and Fierna.

  • 4-1: breach (rare random mord)
  • 4-2: breach (rare random mord)
  • 4-3: breach (rare random mord)

Stygia, ruled by the frozen Levistus and overseen by The Nameless Pit Fiend.

  • 5-1: breach (medium random mord)
  • 5-2: mord (rare random breach)
  • 5-3: breach (rare random mord)

Malbolge, where the Ancient Baatorian roams the rocky slopes.

  • 6-1: mord (rare random breach)
  • 6-2: mord (rare random breach)
  • 6-3: nothing (medium random mord, rare random breach)

Maladomini, where Baalzebul constructs Malagard over and over.

  • 7-1: breach, mord
  • 7-2: breach (common random mord)
  • 7-3: breach (common random mord)

Cania, the bitter cold realm of Mephistopheles.

  • 8-1: breach
  • 8-2: breach
  • 8-3: breach

Nessus, last and greatest of the levels, ruled by Asmodeus himself.

  • 9-1: breach (rare random mord)
  • 9-2: breach (rare random mord)
  • 9-3: breach (common random mord)
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