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Maladomini is the seventh layer of the Hells and requires The Workshop tag to enter.

Dotted with abandoned cities, the blood-black sky of Maladomini is pierced by towers as straight as an arrow in the current city under construction called Malagard, home to the Lord of the Seventh, Baalzebul. A beautiful city of perfectly straight boulevards and delicate but fearsome fountains, no one doubts that it too, like so many before it, will be abandoned in dissatisfaction as Baalzebul strives for hellish perfection in all things.

~ from Volo's Guide to Baator, Abridged, 3rd Edition.


Party Needs

Maladomini can be a difficult run without a bard, druid, and mage. Rakshasas are abundant on the first map. Pit Fiends and Malebranches are even more numerous throughout the run. The water on Map two inflicts Amnesia. A cleric helps with the Infernal Machines. A full sized party is recommended. Malad has been affectionately named "PF City" for the sheer number of Pit Fiends that appear throughout the run.

General Guide

Layer AB AC E:Imm P:Imm Sk Sv DC
1 2 1 3% 5% 2 1 1
2 2 3 6% 10% 4 2 1
3 3 4 9% 15% 6 2 1
4 4 6 12% 20% 8 2 2
5 4 7 15% 25% 10 3 2
6 5 9 18% 30% 12 3 2
7 6 10 21% 35% 14 4 3
8 6 12 24% 40% 16 4 3
9 7 13 27% 45% 18 5 3
10 8 15 30% 50% 20 5 4
11 8 16 33% 55% 22 6 4
12 9 18 36% 60% 24 6 4
13 10 19 39% 65% 26 7 5

Acid, Electrical, Magical and Divine are the most common damage types on this layer due to kickback from the Pit Fiends and Malebranches, as well as Fire and Positive for the Infernal Machines that also spawn throughout the run.

First map Ruined City

Outside area with a winding path to the end of the zone, walls and rubble can provide so cover from behind which you can launch your assaults. At the end of the map you will find you are unable to transit as two Barbazu will have spawned near the start of the map, send somebody back to eliminate them to enable passage. Rakshasa, Hamatula, Imps, Barbazu, Spinagon, Narzugon, Infernal Machines, Soul Shells, Osyluth, Pit Fiends and Malebranches are the set spawns on this map.

Second Map Malagard

Open outside area to enable passage to the Keep you will need to simulataneously flip the two levers in the rooms at the side of the map which will then allow you to flip the two levers near the door. The loot spot in the room on the left side of the map can spawn the extremely useful Grapes of Plenty along with some other less sought after set items. Cornugon, Hamatula, Imps, Barbazu, Spinagon, Infernal Machines, Soul Shells, Osyluth, Amnizu, Erinyes, Pit Fiends, and Malebranches are the set spawns on this map. Watch out for the Amnizu and the water if you don't have immunity to amnesia.

Third Map Baalzebul's Keep

Inside area, watch out for random spawns in the corridors as they are very narrow and sometimes enemies may surround the party making movement and attacking specific enemies tricky. Imps, Hamatula, Barbazu, Spinagon, Cornugon, Infernal Machines, Soul Shells, Erinyes, Baatorian Green Steel Golems, Osyluth, Malephants, Pit Fiends and Malebranches are the set spawns on this map.

Player Tips

If you have Demigods in your party watch out for Paragon Spinagons (Spinarchs) as they can knockdown from a stupidly long range, use Disintegrate or Heartbane to remove without having to run towards them possibly spawning more creatures. Paragons are immune to Implosion although not Heartbane.

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