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Malbolge is the sixth layer of the Hells and requires The Workshop tag to enter.



Malbolge is the sixth layer of Baator, and host to the Ancient Baatorian, and generally a very short run with a high loot yield.

Above the rocky slopes of Malbolge the sky boils with leprous colors as the devils of this layer take shelter in copper-clad fortresses. Falling rocks and landslides are not uncommon here as the treacherous slopes are constantly reformed. Below the hellish rock and stone, creatures older than the devils themselves -- the ancient Baatorians -- are rumored to still roam. Terrible cries echo across Malbolge's slopes; oddly enough the petitioners cannot hear these cries, though it is innately terrifying to the devils that can.

~ from Volo's Guide to Baator, Abridged, 3rd Edition.

Party Needs

Malbolge is generally a short run, second to Dis. Party sizes here are more lax than the rest of hells, but only if the party makeup is right. An RDD with Wing Buffet, a mage to handle Malefic Winds with Gust of Wind and Mordenkainen's Disjunction and Bigby's to handle Rakshasas, or a Cleric with Implosion again to kill Malefic Winds are a must, as they cause party-wide kickback each hit. A bard here helps as well, for Pit Fiends and Malebranches can spawn on this layer (random only) plus lots of Advespas and the Ancient Baatorian knocks players down as well.

General Guide

Layer AB AC E:Imm P:Imm Sk Sv DC
1 2 1 3% 5% 2 1 1
2 2 3 6% 10% 4 2 1
3 3 4 9% 15% 6 2 1
4 4 6 12% 20% 8 2 2
5 4 7 15% 25% 10 3 2
6 5 9 18% 30% 12 3 2
7 6 10 21% 35% 14 4 3
8 6 12 24% 40% 16 4 3
9 7 13 27% 45% 18 5 3
10 8 15 30% 50% 20 5 4
11 8 16 33% 55% 22 6 4
12 9 18 36% 60% 24 6 4
13 10 19 39% 65% 26 7 5

Electrical and Divine are the most common damage types on this layer, as every now and then players will be struck by lightning from above.

Rakshasas spawn abundantly on the first two maps of Malbolge, but only as a random spawn on the third. Malefic Winds will spawn throughout the run. Advespas and Nupperibos will also spawn throughout the run.

A BUR is also set to spawn in a chest at the end of the run but will require a trap disarm and lock pick skills to open.

First Map Rocky Slopes

This is one map with a U bend, managing the Raks and Winds is critical to success here most of the other spawns are effectively trash mobs, implode or gust the Winds and mord then weird or implode the Raks (Shifter petrification also works well). If you leave either of these creatures around you are likely to encounter problems due people beating on Winds or Raks spamming various unpleasant spells. Some creatures appear at quite a distance from the spawn point (usually ones with ranged attacks such as Spinagons and Raks) it is not advisable to run towards them at least until you have cleared creatures nearer to the initial spawn point as it is likely you will spawn more in doing so. For Spinagons Heartbane or Disintegrate can removed them at long range for Raks you'll just have to wait until you can safely close with them or move back forcing them to follow you. Lots of Raks, Winds, Advespa, Erinyes, Hamatula, Barbazu, Nupperibo, Osyluth, Spinagon and Imps.

Second Map Rocky Chasm

This is split into two smaller maps with a transit between them, same tactics as the Rocky Slopes apply. Lots of Raks, Winds, Advespa, Erinyes, Hamatula, Barbazu, Nupperibo, Osyluth, Spinagon and Imps.

Third Map Rocky Depths

One larger map with a locked door for which a Barbazu miniboss drops the key. Lots of Winds, Advespa, Erinyes, Hamatula, Barbazu, Nupperibo, Osyluth, Spinagon and Imps, no set Raks on this map although randoms may appear. At the end of the map awaits the Ancient Batorian and his minions, you will all need to enter the end area at once due to the trap that covers the rest of the map once the boss spawns. It is advisable to leave the last two Spinagons that spawn to ranged attacks if you are not sure where to stand as moving too far forwards can initiate the boss spawn.

Player Tips

Don't attack Malefic Winds with melee/ranged or damaging spells unless you want extremly painful kickback.

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