Improved Invisibility

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Caster Level(s): Assassin 4, Bard 4, Wizard / Sorcerer 4, Cleric with Trickery domain 5

Innate Level: 4

School: Illusion


Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Touch

Area of Effect / Target: Single

Duration: 1 Turn / Level

Additional Counter Spells: Invisibility Purge

Save: Harmless

Spell Resistance: No

Description: The target creature becomes invisible and impossible to detect using normal vision. After attacking or casting spells the target creature will become partially visible and detectable by enemies, but still retain a 25% concealment bonus. This bonus increases to 30% at caster level 41, and to 35% at caster level 51.


When cast by an Assassin, this spell casts Camouflage instead, granting (25 + ((Hide skill) / 3))% concealment, maxing out at 67%.

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