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Lash of Hatred Quasiclass on HG Forum


Lash of Hatred (Ranger/Blackguard)


Must have 12 levels of Ranger, 10 levels of Blackguard, and Weapon Focus (Whip) before level 24.


On achieving Lash of Hatred status at level 22 or 23, the Lash receives Weapon Specialization (Whip), Disarm, Improved Disarm, Knockdown, and Improved Knockdown as bonus feats.

Other Changes

The Lash of Hatred casts Blade Thirst and Camouflage using Ranger level + Blackguard level, including legendary levels if the Lash's control class is Ranger or Blackguard.

When the Lash of Hatred casts Blade Thirst on a whip he is wielding, he imbues it with the Touch of the Lash.

The duration of his Blade Thirst spell multiplies by 10. The additional damage done by Blade Thirst is negative damage instead of positive, and is increased by 1 per 2 Blackguard levels possessed by the Lash (including legendary levels if the Lash's control class is Blackguard). This additional damage can be activated and deactivated with the Blackguard Greater Smite commands (even if the Lash does not qualify for Greater Smite) to allow the Lash to control kickback; using '!damdi' will disable the additional damage and '!damne' will enable it.

A whip imbued with the Touch of the Lash inflicts up to 10% damage vulnerability to all physical and elemental sources on hit when striking a favored enemy, to a maximum of (2 + Blackguard class level)%. If the Lash has the Bane of Enemies feat, the limit increases a further 5% also adds an additional +1% infliction against favored enemies per 4 Paragon Levels. In addition, when striking a favored enemy, it inflicts a -2 Discipline penalty for 2 rounds.

The vampiric regeneration from Blade Thirst becomes on-hit for an imbued whip.

Note: To access metamagic spells using level 5 slots (people quite often take Extend Spell for longer duration if they have a spare feat) you will need the following - !enhmode must be switched on for the character in question, you must have a base casting stat (Wisdom in the case of Rangers) of 15 and you must be wearing gear with added level 5 slots.


You cannot take Favored Enemy feats in legendary levels, as they do not work properly if you do.
Whilst several of the abilities of a lash of hatred are tied to the amount of Blackguard levels you have Favoured Enemies can only be taken as bonus Feats for Ranger levels meaning that a character with the minimum 12 Ranger levels required for a Lash will only be able to take three (plus any you may receive from your race), therefore choose wisely based on where you intend to play the character if you make a Blackguard focused build!
A Ranger control class build gives significantly more flexibility on the Favoured Enemies although at the cost of benefits associated with Blackguard control class.

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