Negative Energy Ray

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Caster Level(s): Blackguard 2, Cleric 2, Wizard / Sorcerer 1

Innate Level: 1

School: Necromancy (Evocation when cast by a Bloodfire Mage or Dragonstorm Mage)

Descriptor(s): Negative, Divine (Bloodfire Mage), Positive (Dragonstorm Mage)

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Medium

Area of Effect / Target: Single

Duration: Instant

Additional Counter Spells:

Save: Will 1/2

Spell Resistance: Yes

Description: A ray of energy slams into the target creature, doing 1d3 points of Negative damage per caster level. When Cast by a Bloodfire Mage this does Divine damage. When cast by a Dragonstorm Mage this does Positive damage. Negative damage spells have a reverse effect on undead, healing instead of harming them.


The standard scroll for this spell cannot be used by clerics (but can be used by bards (even though bards cannot cast this spell). This has the consequence that clerics have been blocked from using this spell in conjunction with scribe scroll (since otherwise they would obtain a scroll they cannot use).

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