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  • This run is famous for the Crucible of Moliation, which allows to upgrade class secrets.
  • The entire run is free rest zone but unprepared parties might find themselves overwhelmed if they are not careful.
  • Immortal characters can only fugue on the last map, Demi-Gods will revive after a timer.

  • I shall remember being dragged through this area by my online friend Detronitus (Dets) who was the absolute master of how to manage everything here from first spawn to the boss kill, nobody did it better than you mate! chainlink 25-07-19


  • Negative protection potions, someone or an item with the Remove Disease spell level 41 or higher.
  • Potions of lesser restoration to remove inflict vulnerabilities.
  • There are both STR (DC: 38) and DEX (DC: 34) checks on this run.
  • Power word, kill immunity is recommended for the boss fight. If you don't have a useful gear item with this immunity added as a random property or one of the higher level set items such as a Mortal Failings or the Lifebane Crown a Lathar's Last Belt from merchant emporium can handle this at the cost of giving up anything else your standard belt had on it.
  • Level 6 spell immunity is highly advisable as some mobs can Disintegrate which will prevent use of normal resurrection scrolls on the victim and require a 41+ cleric (or similar effect from an item) to raise the dead.

General Notes

Spawn Structure

Spawns are not dynamic in that the numbers and types of creatures do not scale with player group size, paragon type creatures do not spawn in this area.


The Pit of Moliation areas can be reached by the following path East Road > The Crossroads > Plains of War > Fox Trail > Dark Glade > Drow Tunnels > Pit of Moliation - Dark Descent. The entrance is a huge hole in the ground, camouflaged by illusion. If not levitating you will take physical damage falling into the pit.

Dark Descent

A dungeon, hack and slay your way. Loot drops from critters so feel free to spam loot breaking spells . Spawns consist of:

- Meenlocks: Gougers deal physical kickback. meenlock can infest dead corpse. Then, a True Resurrection is needed to resurrect the fallen pc.
- Ember Wisp: On-hit breach
- Hadean Leech: Negative kick back
- Moliation Vine: Impregnate vines, which hatch upon the next transition, killing you and spawning four more. Remove Disease (level 41+) to avoid.

At the end, make sure to cast Remove Disease (level 41+) on everyone before proceed. You can even rest.

First Deep

A huge cavern, some magic pedestals shoot energy towards the middle of the map. There are Torture Victims here, you can free or kill them which will change alignment towards good/evil. Killing them spawns loot.

- Meenlock Spitter, Biter, Gouger - Sunburst can kill these instantly. Spitters do Mord on hit
- Mezzoloth
- Wasting Sickness
- Moliation Vine
- Hadean Leech
- Ember Wisp: Gain health from Fire damage, Use death magic against it.
- Canoloth
- Dergholoth
- Red Moliator: Daze DC:52 fortitude check (Lesser Mind Blank immunity protects but only once!) Kill em fast!
- Piscoloth: Heal aura
- Nycaloth: Dexterity-based Knockdown check DC 34 (large area). Takes full Cold damage

After clearing all spawns, one more spawn will trigger with a Nycaloth that drops the key for the gate in the middle. Behind, the Gloom of Destruction spawns (a special Yagnoloth, has a discipline check of about 87 to remove worn items and debuffs weapons on-hit). After finishing him and clearing the map, the way to the South is free. This miniboss drops the PoM weapons one of which can be the Ranger Fire/Negative shortbow Verbena.

Tenebrous Fall

Tenebrous Fall are technically several small maps with a chance of spawns on each.
Many enemies spawn at the start, requiring casters to employ adequate strategies.

- Death of the Body: Huge kickback El Ne (area-wide), death aura Fortitude Save DC53. Empowered Orb of Fire or Empowered Delayed Blast Fireball are preferred if no way to instant-kill them is present.
- Baernaloth: Does Divine kickback, can bind his soul to attacker and explodes then for about 1000 divine when dying. Causes festering wounds.
- Plutonean Golem: STR check DC:36
- "Gloom of Glory" (Mezzoloth miniboss): Causes festering wounds, breach (or mord) on hit.

Second Deep

More critters...kill em to proceed into the tower!

- Death of the Body: Huge kickback, death aura Fortitude Save DC53. Orb of Fire or Delayed Blast Fireball are preferred if no way to instant-kill them is present.
- Death of the Soul: Insane Kickback Co Po (area-wide). Empowered Orb of Sound, Greater Orb of Sound or Empowered Great Thunderclaps are preferred if no way to instant-kill them is present.
- Black Moliator: Divine caster with many Implosions.
- Book Of Pain: Arcane, with Mordenkainen's Disjunctions.
- Arcanaloth : Arcane, with breach and Meteor Swarm. Summons Nycaloths and Canoloth
- Marraenoloth: Summons Hydroloths

Miniboss: Gloom of Lies. He can confuse!

Heart of Change

NOTE: This is a fugue area for immortal characters, Demi-Gods will revive after a timer.

In the first room is a large Book that spawns Books of Pain. Bash it fast. Then there are 2 x 2 rooms (to the left and right) where 4 keys in total drop. Collect all 4 and use them to open the door in the middle (4 doors) that lead to a large room with the boss. the keys get consumed. Hurry when opening the doors, they close a moment after opening and if you're not in the boss room by then, well, then it's spoiled.

Strategy and Tactics

The cleric Epic Miracle can be used to control the mobs and resurrect the entire party. Don't be afraid to use it and other epics spells as the entire run is a free rest zone.
Turners can help against several tough enemies, if their TR is high enough.
Death magic is good against embers.

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