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These are the various special weapons, usually specific from an area. They are typically set loot (often on a boss or miniboss) from an area. This page only lists special weapons used by character level 40 or higher. There are a wide variety of unique weapons for lower level characters.

For information on weapons in general, see Category:Weapons. Other weapons pages of interest include Set, Hells, Dis, DB, Moad, L35, and L29.

Area Weapons

Basic Weapons

Weapon Ssithrak
6d12 Electric
2d8 Divine
+11 Keen
6d12 Acid
2d8 Magic
+11 Keen
6d12 Fire
2d8 Pos
8d12 Elec
2d10 Neg
8d12 Cold
2d10 Positive
8d12 Cold
2d10 Neg
8d12 Sonic
2d10 Magic
Pit of Moliation
8d12 Fire
2d10 Negative
Vamp Regen +8
8d12 Sonic
2d10 Divine
4d12 Acid/Cold/Neg

+15, Keen
Assassin Dagger Twilight Ice Rabbitslayer Co Ne
Bastard Sword Ssithrak Bastard Sword Arcfire El Fi Di Po
Battleaxe Ssithrak Battleaxe Frigid Defile Discordia Co El Di Ne
Dagger Ssithrak Dagger Superheated Slicer Noxious Needle Ac El Fi Di Ne Po
Dire Mace Obsidian Frost Crackling Whallop Co Ne
Double Axe Breath of Boreas Animosity Co Po
Double Scimitar Hyperborean Razor Unknown Vindication Co Po
Dwarven Waraxe Blackfrost Chittering Cacophony Dwarfreaper Ac Co Fi So Ma Ne Po
Falchion Brilliant Spray Midwinter Night Solar-Forged Falchion The Call of Justice Co El So Di Ma Ne
Goad Glomero Conflagration Injector Death's Helping Hand Ac Fi Ma Po
Greataxe Ssithrak Greataxe Kelvin's Bane Poisoned Gift Seeker's Edge Ac Co El Di Ne
Greatsword Ssithrak Greatsword Screaming Gale El Di
Halberd Ssithrak Halberd Tongue of the Pit Fiend El Di
Handaxe Rimefang Brightcleave Co So Po Di
Heavy Flail Ssithrak Heavy Flail Vicious Sleet Hellstorm Flail Co El Di Ne
Heavy Mace Depths of Winter Heaven's Thunder Ancient Warrior's Essence Co So Di Ne
Heavy Pick Basidio Rapacious Buzz Ahala's Arc Ac So Ma
Kama Ssithrak Kama Perish the Thought Tymoran Edge Co El Di Ne
Katana Ssithrak Katana El Di
Katar Howling Ovipositor Abnegation Casycal's Frenzy Fi So Ma Ne
Kukri Ssithrak Kukri Swarming Symphony Misericorde Razor of Mith Kuldar Ac Co El So Di Ma Ne
Light Flail Ssithrak Light Flail Frozen Urge Pernicious Bite Co El Di Ne
Light Hammer Winters Misery Vicious Warble Red Shieldbreaker Co El So Di Ma Ne Po
Light Mace Ssithrak Mace Frozen Stiff Marshal's Baton Co El Di Ne
Light Pick Chytridio Nutating Pick Hellion's Hack Ac Fi Ma Po
Longsword Ssithrak Longsword Clockwork Flameblade Eldritch Wave Blade of the Dark Templars Ac Co El Fi Di Ne Po
Maul Undertow Inevitable Blizzard Moonbeam's Tapper Co El Ne Po
Morningstar Morning Never Comes Emberstar Ac Co Ne
Nunchaku Asco Horripilation Shadow of Apocalypse Ac Co Ma Ne
Quarterstaff Elements of Destruction Co So Di Ne
Rapier Ssithrak Rapier The Duellist's Nightmare Ac Co El Di Ne
Sai Zyco Thousand Tides Transcendance Talon of the Hollow Soul Ac El So Di Ma Ne
Sap Bag of Bees Repugnant Truncheon Baalzebul's Gold Fi So Ma Ne
Scimitar Bombilation Vile Delight Scimitar of the Hopeless Ac Co So Ma Ne
Scythe Ssithrak Scythe Wretched Cleaver Maelstrom Cleaver El Fi Di Ne
Shortsword Ssithrak Wakazashi Penetrating Drone El So Di Ne
Sickle Gas-Charged Sickle Thalasian Edge Claw of the Bezekira Fi El Ne Po
Spear Ssithrak Spear A Stick in the Eye El Fi Di Ne
Trident Eagre Flow Tongue of Khin-Oin Warrior's Zeal El Fi Ne
Two-Bladed Sword Twice-Damned Eclipsing Soul Fi Ne
Warhammer Ssithrak Warhammer Utterance of Icewind Intrepid Force Co El Di Po
Whip Taphrino Taste of Misery Unceasing Laceration Ac Fi Ma Ne
Wind Fire Wheel Blasto Rushing Wave Silver Carillon The Eternal Red Ac El So Di Ma Ne

Specialized Weapons

Weapon Name Where What
Sickle Mastigo Myco +12, cleric spell slots, acid/divine/magic
Longsword Gith Sword Illithids +9, elec/neg/magic
Greatsword Hellspawn Greatsword Illithids +9, fire/magic/divine
Warhammer Hammer of Akura Rona +12, Keen, Good only, on-hit level drain
Bastard Sword Olo'Ra Rona +12, Keen, Good only, on-hit level drain
Quarterstaff Staff of Amarcoi Rona Keen, Good only, breach protection
Sai Keynari Practice Sai Rona casts level 45 transmute keen
Morningstar Mammons Wrath Minauros +14, does not split Mammon's Tears
Katana Stygian Razor Stygia +14, Dev Crit, Over Crit
Spear Anbaric Lance Malbolge +14, no kickback from hitting constructs
Quarterstaff Orders Wrath Aboleth Quarterstaff for Strength Monks
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