Wail of the banshee

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Caster Level: Wizard/Sorcerer 9

Innate Level: 9

School: Necromancy

Component(s): Verbal

Range: Short (8 metres)

Save: Fortitude Negates

Spell Resistance: Yes

Area of Effect/Target: Colossal (10 metre radius), 1 creature / level

Duration: Instant

Additional Counterspells: Silence

Description: All enemies within the area of effect must succeed at a Fortitude save or die, to a maximum of 1 enemy per caster level.


This spell does not have a somatic component, so it can be cast while wearing full armor and shield, ignoring arcane spell failure.
When cast by certain creatures in legendary areas (eg Hells & Abyss) specific named immunity to the spell (or immunity to the spell school Necromancy) is required to completely avoid the effect.
The spell Shadow Shield cast as a spell (not from a scroll on an item or as a potion) protects from Necromancy spells.

Items with Wail of the banshee Immunity

Whilst immunity to this spell can be added as a random property there are several set items that have it as listed below -

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