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In this category are items that have a chance to drop in set locations or off of bosses in the Abyss.

Name Inventory Slot Remark
A Chattering Noise Helmet Feat: Evasion
Alkilith Slime Coated Cover Cloak Acid
Balefire Seal Ring Magic, Fire, Spell:STR
Band of Caustic Hunger Ring Acid, Negative; Spell: END
Barbaric Yawp Belt
Basic Feet Boots Breach, Acid
Bastion of Ungorth Reddik Shield Sonic
Beacon of Azzagrat Flag/Torch Immunity to Azzagrat swamp effects
Bracers of Pelion Gloves Pale Master
Chitinous Circle Belt Immunity: Daze; ESF(Bluff,intimitate)
Chorus of the Damned Armor (Light) Bard
Circle of Everlost Ring Cold, Divine; Spell: STR
Claws of the Obyrith Lord Gloves Immunity: Confusion
Cloven Hooves of the Goat Boots Cold, Fire; Spell:Death Ward
Conjurer's Implacable Foe Ring Immunity Spell School Conjuration
Corruption of the Blood Boots Sorcerer
Corruption of the Land Boots Druid
Corruption of the Mind Boots Sorcerer
Corruption of the Spirit Boots Cleric
Covering of the Bulezau Cloak Sonic; Immunity: Stun
Devotions of Mystra Armor (Clothes) Theurge
Diabolical Muse Belt Bard
Diviner's Defiance Ring Immunity Spell School Divination
Drape of the Doppelganger Armor (Heavy) Shifter
Dreams of the Poisoned Forest Gloves Druid; GSF(Necromancy)
Ecarian Shimmer Ring Cold, Magic; Spell: DEX
Enchanter's End Game Ring Immunity Spell School Enchantment
Energized Funicle Ring Electrical, Divine; Spell: INT
Essence of the Last Word Ring Magic, Negative; Spell immunity: PWK, PWS, Silence
Essence of the Teratomorph Ring All Elements
Face of the Formless Helmet ESF(hide,move silent)
Fiendish Advisor Belt Wizard
Final Judgement Shield Immunity: Stun; Spell: Protection from Alignment
Forbidden Rites Belt Sorcerer
Goristro Hide Belt Belt
Graz'zt's Demonic Codpiece Belt Immunity: Stun
Greater Band of the Beauty Ring CHA
Greater Brawny Band Ring STR
Greater Hearty Hand Ring CON
Greater Nimble Circle Ring DEX
Greater Wagging Finger Ring WIS
Greater Witty Wire Ring INT
Hatred of the Manitou Helmet Ranger
Headdress of Demogorgon Helmet Immunity to limb rot; Spell: Remove Disease
Heart of Thorns Armor (Light) Ranger; doubles Blade Thirst duration; ESF Listen & Spot
Hide of the Dread Ram Cloak Immunity:Confusion, Cold
Hide of the Fiendish Aboleth Cloak SR70
Icy Condyle Ring Cold, Negative; Spell: CON
Illuminant Signet Ring Electrical, Positive; Spell: STR
Illusionist's Ire Ring Immunity Spell School Illusion
Javoc Squad Leader's Sash Belt
Kargoth's Fond Remembrance Belt Paladin
Lemorian Clasp Ring Divine, Sonic; Spell:CHA
Lifebane Crown Helmet Spell immunit: PWK; GSF(Necromancy)
Mantle of the Palrethee Cloak Fire; Immunity: Daze
Marque of Fulguration Ring Electrical, Negative; Spell: END
Mask of the Blood War Helmet Sorcerer
Mask of the Undead Prince Helmet Spell: Silence
Molted Scales of Obox-Ob Armor (Heavy) Immunity: Daze
Mordant Lorica Armor (Heavy) Immunity: Stun
Necklace of Demonic Ascension Amulet Immunity: Sleep; Spell: UEF, Shadow Shield
Necromancer's Nullifier Ring Immunity Spell School Necromancy
Obducement against Objurgation Ring Protection against Curse Song; Spell immunity: Bestow Curse, Rebuke
One Thousand Curses Shield Spell: Bestow Curse, Remove Curse
Orcus' Cold Desserts Shield Cold
Polished Ekolid Eye Amulet Immunity: Blindness & Deafness; Spell: Remove Blindness & Deafness
Pudding Jumpers Boots Cold
Remembrance of Iggwilv Amulet 70 SR, Immunity: Confusion & Charmed
Resin Soaked Cloak Cloak
Resin-Crusted Boots Boots Breach
Resinous Jewel Ring Electrical, Magic; Spell: CHA
Reversion to Nature Armor (Light) Druid
Rim of Lachrymosa Ring Cold, Positive; Spell: CHA
Ring of Abyssal Sorcery Ring Sorcerer
Ring of Abyssal Wizardry Ring Wizard
Ring-Bound Guecubu Ring Cleric
Ring-Bound Manitou Ring Druid
Rise and Shine Ring Group immunity: Sleep
Ritual of Obeisance Belt Cleric
Robes of the Innate Occult Armor (Clothes) Sorcerer
Salty Slippers Boots Breach
Sash of the Shedaklan Bogs Belt Immunity: Sleep
Seal of Bitter Hate Ring Acid, Positive; Spell: WIS
Shedaklan Antipath Ring Acid, Divine; Spell: DEX
Shell of the Ekolid Cloak Immunity: Sleep, Electrical
Shroud of Fell Power Armor (Clothes) Wizard
Shroud of the Demon Bat Cloak Stand up after knockdown
Sibilant Jewel Ring Positive, Sonic; Spell: DEX
Sign of Orcus Flag/Torch OC/DC(unarmed strike)
Six-Fingered Gloves Gloves Rogue
Spinning Fever Ring Fire, Positive; Spell: INT
Standard of Shedaklah Flag/Torch Immunity: Sleep
Tentacles of the Rotting Lord Gloves Spell immunity: Entangle
The Cymbal's Gift Boots Breach
The Gaping Cincture Belt Immunity: Blindness&Deafness
The Gasping Signet Ring Acid, Magic; Spell: INT
The Ties that Bind Armor (Medium) Lash of Hatred
The Walking Dead Boots Breach
Thoraxian Shell Shield Acid, Sonic; Spell Aura of Vitality
Thraxxia's Embellished Weave Cloak Breach
Thunders of Abysm Ring Magic, Sonic; Spell: WIS
Timely Avoidance Ring Feat: Evasion
To Wake the Dead Ring Negative, sonic; Spell: END
Transmuter's Adversary Ring Immunity: Transmutation
Treads of the Dread Mandrill Boots Feat: Arcane Defense (Necromancy)
Twice Cursed Armor Armor (Heavy) Bane Knight
Unnatural Mastery Belt Druid
Visage of the Death Knight Helmet Ectoplasmic, Vile
Visor of Cursed Chaos Helmet Immunity: Deafness
Ward of the Ixitxachitl Shield Waterbreathing, Immunity: Implosion
Witchfire Mirror Ring Fire, Negative; Spell: END
Wrap of the Dark Prince Cloak Spell: Divine Power
Writhing Wreath Ring Immunity: Grapple, Passwall


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