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The first layer of Hades.


Entering Oinos Hades

To enter the Oinos, you must first get to The Workshop. If you have Zerial's Token, you can use it anywhere in Town to be instantly transported to the Workshop. Use portal to go to another plane. There are no portalling limitations in Oinos and if you want to get back to the exit without randomly running around use a TP gem (or a Rune of Return if you have one) and this will deposit you next to the exit portal.

  • The entire run is a Fugue area for both Immortal & Demi-God characters.


  • Players suffer level 1 Layer penalty when venturing to Oinos.
  • Bard song and Curse song doesn't work due the emotion nullifying nature of this plane.

Spawn Structure

In Oinos, creatures from Abyss, Pit of Moliation, Elysium and Hells can spawn. The different groups can be hostile to each other. Elysium creatures are neutral to players (until attacked by them), all others are hostile from the start. The number of creatures scale with player group size. If your character has demigod status you will also potentially spawn paragon creatures (including PoM and Elysium) the types being dependent on party size in the area.

Below are the most common creatures of Oinos. These are the creatures with which a soloer will be confronted. Other and stronger creatures spawn for larger player groups, including (but not restricted to) Pit Fiends, Malebranches, Balor, Marilth, Arcanaloth, Rakshasa, Orthon, Jovoc, etc. Therefore if you vist Oinos with a large party be prepared to deal with some extremely unpleasant creatures in large and random groups which can make it tricky to pick specific targets and make AoE damage cause significant kickback to you and your party.

From Abyss:

  • Anzu
  • Armanite (DC 40 Strength check to avoid Knockdown)
  • Bulezau (DC 57 Reflex Check versus Sonic to avoid Deafness and Discipline skill reduction)
  • Chasme (Inflicts festering wounds, DC 56 Fortitude check versus Sleep)
  • Dretch
  • Gadacro (DC 58 Reflex save to avoid permanent blindness)
  • Glabrezu (Mord on hit, DC 62 Grapple check (Freedom of Movement protects), DC 56 Will Save or Dazed)
  • Hezrou
  • Incubus
  • Jarilith (DC 38 Dexterity Check to avoid Knockdown)
  • Mane
  • Maurezhi (DC 55 Fortitude Save vs. Poison to avoid instant death)
  • Nabassu (Toss: DC 42 Dexterity check to avoid Death. Levitation protects)
  • Nalfeshnee (DC 57 Will check versus Daze)
  • Quasit
  • Rutterkin (DC 85 Discipline Check to avoid Knockdown)
  • Succubus (Domination: Cha check DC 30)
  • Uridezu (Tumble DC: 90 vs. Knockdown)
  • Vrock
  • Zovvut

From Pit of Moliation:

  • Canoloth
  • Dergholoth
  • Hadean Leech
  • Hydroloth
  • Marraenoloth
  • Mezzoloth
  • Nycaloth (Dexterity-based Knockdown check DC 34)
  • Piscoloth
  • Yagnoloth (DC 38 Strength vs Knockdown)

From Elysium: They are not usually hostile when spawned but can take offence to certain actions, killing these creatures will make you more evil even if they initiated the combat, Paladin and splash characters beware (Note: This hostility can be negated if you cast GS even if this is immediately broken by an existing effect such as Battletide) :

  • Astral Deva
  • Hound Archon (Dev Crit, Fort save vs DC 53 or die)
  • Lantern Archon (one mords on-hit, the other breaches on-hit. )
  • Monadic Deva (Strength check DC 36 vs. Knockdown)
  • Movanic Deva (Dexterity check DC 36 vs. Knockdown)
  • Planetar (Spell Failure Aura. Summons Devas)

From Hell:

  • Abishai
  • Advespa (Dexterity Check: DC 32 vs KD)
  • Barbazu
  • Barbazu Razor
  • Cornugon (Strength Check: DC 40 vs Stun. Breach on hit, fear on hit Will? save to resist)
  • Erinyes (Dexterity Check: DC 32 vs Domination)
  • Gelugon (Strength Check: DC 28 vs Domination)
  • Hell Hound
  • Imp (Poison Save DC 60 vs Paralyze (poison immunity does NOT cover this neither does Paralysation immunity!)
  • Kocrachon
  • Lemure

Recommended Character Stats

The Oinos is a level 55-60 area. There are both STR and DEX check creatures (reaching about 40) for a solo player.

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