Bestow Curse

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Caster Level(s): Bard 3, Blackguard 3, Cleric 3, Wizard/Sorcerer 4

Innate Level: 3

School: Transmutation(see below)


Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Touch

Area of Effect / Target: Single

Duration: Permanent

Additional Counter Spells: Remove Curse

Save: Will Negates (see below)

Spell Resistance: Yes (see below)

Description: Bestow Curse lowers all of the target creature's ability scores dependent upon the caster level: Levels 1 to 5: -2
Levels 20 to 24: -4
Levels 25 to 29: -6
Levels 30 to 34: -8
Levels 35 to 39: -10
Level 40 or more: -12
Also subtracts 1 from the target's attack bonus per 4 legendary caster levels. At caster level 40 and up, the targets spell resistance is dropped by 1 per 6 caster levels for 1 round per 6 caster levels, regardless of spell resistance or save success.

Will use half the casters STR modifier as the feat bonus to Spell Penetration if this would exceed the casters normal bonus from Spell Penetration feats

When cast by a Pale Master, this spell is considered a Necromancy spell.

When cast by an Accursed Pariah, this spell receives a +1 DC bonus per 10 caster levels.


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