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There are two competing theories as to Graz'zt's origin. Some claimed that he was once an archdevil who served Asmodeus, and was chosen to lead an invasion of the Abyss as part of the Blood War. Graz'zt's invasion proved to be a success initially: he conquered three layers of the Abyss. However, in time he became corrupted by the chaotic forces he had been sent to destroy, renounced his allegiance to the devils, and established a home for himself upon the three layers he claimed. Those who believed this theory debated Graz'zt's later motivations; some believed that he had severed all ties to the devils, while others believed that he retained some loyalty to Asmodeus, and secretly worked to subvert the tanar'ri on his behalf.

A second theory is that Graz'zt is one of several demonic children of Pale Night, sired after the fall of the Obyrith; this would make him the brother of several other demons, including Lupercio, Vucarik, Rhyxali and Zivorgian. It is thought that Pale Night drew some great evil entity to herself who fathered some or all of these children. There is some debate as to the exact nature of Graz'zt's father; suggestions put forward have included an evil god such as Set, a baernoloth, the patriarch of a race of immortal warriors from another reality, an Outer God of Crawling Chaos, and even a sentient portion of the Abyss itself. Some maintain that Asmodeus was drawn from the Nine Hells to mate with Pale Night, implying that there may be truth in both theories.

~ From the Black Tome of Wiki.



Azzagrat is a realm in the the Abyss. Azzagrat spans three layers of that demoniac plane (the 45th, 46th, and 47th) and is ruled by the abyssal lord Graz'zt.

The layers are connected by the River of Salt.

Part overview

Part 1 Zrintor

Azzagrat Part 1 begins in a forest filled with Viper Trees. There are also many other trees blocking your view. To remove these have a caster memorize a fire spell such as Fire Storm, Flame Strike (loot breaking) or Fireball (loot breaking). Cast this spell to remove the excess vegetation. The second biggest problem you face are the viper trees themselves which have a DC 40 CON check for poison instant death. Trees can be disabled with stunning effects such as Storm of Vengeance or shifter mindflayer stunning blast. Otherwise they take fire and slashing best. The water in this area aflicts you with physical vulnerability only removed by time or resting. Other Mobs spawn between the trees as follows in the list below.

The Miniboss is a Goristro, a colossal minotaur with a disturbingly large Str check to avoid knockdown, due to its size small characters may struggle to melee this creature.

Part 2 Salt Swamp

Part 3 Argent Palace

  • Boss: Standing nine feet tall, Graz'zt appears as a lithe, muscular humanoid. His skin shines like polished obsidian, and his eyes glitter with malevolent green light. He has yellowed fangs, pointed ears, and six slender fingers decorating each hand. He is sometimes described as having six small black horns half-hidden amid his thick black hair. These fiendish traits are apparent, regardless of whatever form Graz'zt chooses to take. He is considered the comeliest demon in the Abyss, and dresses in the most expensive and elegant finery on the entire plane - Takes Fire Magical Bludgeoning
    • As most Abyss bosses he summons minions if you give him enough time
    • He has a Fear (Gaze?). Can only be prevented by Wisdom artifact, 3+ Paladin levels, Paladin's spell - Lionheart, Dirge of the Deathless (Bard Epic) or Leonal's Aura (Shifter).
    • He also have an special Maze (?) - His version locks you but enemies can still attack you.
    • Since the threat of party kickback from Abyssal Sunbeams is very high, the standard strategy is focusing the boss while:
    • Bards keep UUU and Dirge epics up, Druids do immute and Cleric's use miracle when immute ends to allow focus on the boss.

Graz'zt as a Prince Strategy

Enemy guide

- Viper Tree Poison instant death (CON 40 check)
- Succubus Domination (CHA 30 Check)
- Marilith - AC Reduction - Knockdown (Str DC 48 - BAC)- Whirlwind
- Marilith Blackguard - As above with better stats
- Jovoc - Do not hit causes massive Internal damage (Use Implo/Stone+crumble or Ruin)
- Fiendish Slug - (no special notes)
- Vorr - (no special notes)
- Quasit - Dex reduction poison (DC 56 Fort)
- Tiefling Sorcerer - High level caster
- Tiefling Assassin - Mortal Strike (DC 54 Fort)
- Tiefling Archer - Breach on hit
- Balor - Vorpal (DC 120 Parry) KD (DC 60 Dex) Immolation (DC 66 Reflex)
- Glabrezu - Mord on hit Squeeze (DC 62 Grapple) - Chaos Hammer (Di + DC 56 Will Dazed)
- Abyssal Sunbeam - Don't hit (use implosion/gust/ruin)
- Abrian: (???)
- Alkilith: (x1 set spawn [P3 Mini-boss])

Main threats

Divine is common. Mord and Breach immunities are recommended.

See Also

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