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Name Inventory Slot Remark
A Light in the Dark Torch/Flag Cleric/Wizard spell slots
Ainafea's Masterwork Belt Belt Immunities
Amulet of Eramus Amulet Shield Proficiency. Wizard/Sorcerer spell slots
Amulet of the Pharoah Amulet Elemental immunity
Arcadian Fire Shield (Medium) Fire, No Arcane Spell failure
Audacious Provocation Gloves Intimidate & Taunt
Bahamut's Ruination Ring Primary Cold/Fire/Magic % immunity
Band of Anubis Ring Primary Sonic/Fire/Magic % immunity
Barbazu's Wrap Cloak Acid Fire Magic
Bastion of Cormyr Shield (Medium) Acid Electrical, No Arcane Spell failure
Belt of Eternal Preservation Belt Greater Restoration & Critical immunity
Belt of Legendary Resilience Belt Elemental
Benediction Shield (Medium) Cold Sonic, No Arcane Spell failure
Bulwark of the Choralist Armor (Clothing) Bard
Carapace of Smoldering Stone Armor (Heavy) Fire Acid Electrical
Chain of Solidarity Amulet  %Rooting & Greater Sanctuary
Circle of the Damned Ring Primary Sonic/Electric/Positive % immunity
Cloak of the Elements Cloak Elemental
Cloak of the Unjust Cloak Elemental
Coil of Grabduk Belt Exotic & EMA
Concordant Coronet Helmet Int, Wis & Cha check
Conservancy Ring Implosion & spell levels 1-6 immunity
Corona of Origen Ring Primary Acid/Fire/Positive % immunity
Corruption Cloak Elemental
Crown of Uncanny Stability Helmet Epic Warding
Dark Matter Amulet Blackguard, Drown immunity
Darksoul Dressing Armor (Medium) Exotic & Darkness spell
Deafening Greaves Boots Sonic
Dire Buckler Shield (Small) Physical
Divine Intervention Amulet Elemental, Divine & Greater Sanctuary effect added when Miracle is cast
Empyrean Indulgence Ring Divine & Breach
Erinyes's Stole Cloak Cold Electrical Magic
Fiendish Fingers Gloves Cold Fire
Flux Torus Ring Positive & Breach
Gauntlets of Transposed Energy Gloves Physical
Gloves of the Amnizu Gloves Two-Weapon-fighting & Weapon Proficiency (exotic)
Gravity Slain Belt Levitation
Graz'zt's Abyssal Helm Helmet OC/DC (spear) & Skill points for all skills
Greater Psi Actuator Belt All 6 Abilities
Halomesh Hauberk Armor (Medium) Electrical Fire Sonic
Heavenly Haunt's Necklace Amulet Confusion immunity & Level 6 and lower spell immunity
Helm of Zeal Helmet Elemental & ESF (concentration, tumble, UMD)
Holy Talon Amulet Paladin, Drown immunity
Hurricane Ring Elemental & Gust spell
Ice Reaver's Carapace Cloak Cold Sonic Positive
Impasse of Impulse Shield (Small) Caster shield for Sorcerer/Wizard & Shield Proficiency
Inspiration Belt Bard & Mass Resurrection
Introweave Cape Cloak All 6 Abilities
Kyton's Cover Cloak Fire Sonic Divine
Legendary Boots of Absorption Boots Elemental
Legendary Boots of Defense Boots Exotic
Links of Binding Armor (Medium) Spell Immunity: Entangle & Mass Camouflage spell
Mallek's Rebuke Ring Mords & Magic
Manacles of Mephistopheles Gloves Fire
Mask of Vhaerun Special DEX Artifact
Masterful Performance Gloves Discipline, Perform & Taunt
Mordenkainen's Mockery Boots Breach & Shield Proficiency
Murderous Crest Amulet Assassin & Drown Immunity
Murkfiend's Molt Cloak Cold Fire Divine
Nameless Cold Armor (Light) Cold Exotic & Corona of Cold spell
Nature's Boots Boots Elemental
Nature's Embanking Palisade Armor (Light) Druid Elemental
Nature's Squirming Coil Amulet Elemental Exotic & Barkskin spell boost
Orb of Dragonkind Special Con Artifact
Origen's Precaution Ring Mords Divine
Orudin's Oath Amulet Bluff, Intimidate, Taunt, Discipline, CW, CA
Pads of the Shadows Boots Elemental, Sneak Attack, Skills
Panoply of Lliira Armor (Clothing) Elemental & Evasion feat
Pendant of the Seer Amulet Cleric/Druid DC +1 for up to level 6 spells & Invisibility Purge spell
Plate of Anubis Armor (Heavy) Wizard spells, Shield Proficiency, Finger of Death changed to AoE effect
Plate of the Legendary Master Armor (Heavy) OC/DC(greataxe & throwing axe) & Expertise feat & skills
Pyroclastic Flow Shield (Tower) Fire & Acid Immunity/resist
Rakshasa's Hide Cloak Electrical Positive Sonic
Ranger's Medal Amulet Ranger
Ring of Inverted Weaves Ring Breach Magic
Robes of the Dim Mak Master Armor (Clothing) Elemental & Epic Will feat
Sapphire of Sagacity Special +500.000 XP
Scales of the Fiend Armor (Medium) Blackgurd Elemental
Scintillating Scarf Helmet Exotic resists ESF (hide, move silently, parry)
Seal of Divinity Ring cold Electrical Divine
Shadow Kaftan Armor (Clothes) Assassin & Elemental
Shattered Innocence Shield (Large) Elemental Exotic
Shimmer of the Styx Ring Primary Sonic/Fire/Divine % immunity
Shroud of the Earth Mother Armor (Light) Ranger & Acid Cold Fire
Signet of Mammon Ring Primary Cold/Acid/Magic % immunity
Snowshoes of Stygia Boots Cold
Solar Forged Plate Armor (Medium) Paladin & Elemental
Spectre's Necklace Amulet Exotic
Steadfast Slippers Boots Physical & Epic Warding
Stormlight Torch/Flag Druid/Sorcerer
The Orb of Dragonkind Special CON Artifact
The Ur-Ward Shield (Tower) Caster shield for Sorcerer/Wizard & Shield Proficiency
Titan's Wrap Cloak Physical
Torch of Absorption Torch/Flag +20 Soak 10 damage & Aid spell
Torch of the Unwary Torch/Flag Sneak attacks & Exotic
Trickery's Friend Torch/Flag Elemental & Color Spray spell
Tsidao's Refulgent Reflector Ring Mords Positive
Tymora's Lucky Charm Special Saving throw Artifact
Unholy Suffering Armor (Medium) Blackguard/Sorcerer Baneknight
Universal Contumacy Ring Ability checks +2 & Elemental
Visor of Vigilance Helmet Defensive Awareness II feat & ESF(spot, listen)
Wings of the Deva Armor (Light) Levitation & STR, CHA checks +2
Wings of the Storm Shield (Tower) Cold & Electrical Immunity/resist
Wrap of Fistandantilus Armor (Clothing) Sorcerer/Wizard +1 spell penetration & Elemental
Ygrette's Evanescent Locket Amulet Physical
Zendarfil's Feint Ring Stun immunity & ESF(CA, CW, discipline) & Physical

Notes: All noted properties and additions are based on the unrandomized item, when randomized values can increase or decrease and properties an be added/removed.


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