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The Herald of Storms is a spontaneous arcane caster that has delved themselves into the naturalistic rituals of a druid, becoming a master conjurer and enchanter of natural powers, using their combined Sorcerer and Druid levels to determine casterlevel for Conjuration and Enchantment spells.


Herald of Storms (Druid/Sorc)

Quasiclass Documentation Thread


To qualify for Herald of Storms, the character must have 16 levels of Sorcerer and 16 levels of Druid by level 40, Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration, and Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment.

Character Changes

Heralds receive the following upon qualifying for the quasiclass:

  • Epic Spell Focus: Conjuration
  • Epic Spell Focus: Enchantment
  • Epic Spell Penetration
  • 2 additional Great Charisma feats (on top of any you might already have)
  • 2 additional Great Wisdom feats (on top of any you might already have)
  • An extra rank of Spell Focus in Conjuration and Enchantment spells (as if they were a specialist in those schools)
  • -4 Constitution penalty
  • -Heralds now have a lowered epic/paragon spell requirement, permitting them to gain Conjuration and Enchantment epics based on their control class - either Sorcerer or Druid.

Storm Sprite

Once the Herald of Storms reaches level 41, they can use the Stone of the Earth Mother, available from the Druid Grove north of Town, once per day to summon a Storm Sprite. The Storm Sprite lasts for one round per Herald level and cannot be killed. The Sprite will pick up any knocked down party members in its vicinity and blast enemies with thunder and lightning when it is not assisting the party.

Spell Changes

Spells cast from the Conjuration or Enchantment schools use the Herald's combined Sorcerer and Druid levels to determine casterlevel. All other spells use the casterlevel of the class it belongs to. Spell DC is determined by the Herald's Wisdom or Charisma modifier, whichever is higher.

Several spells have different functions when cast by a Herald of Storms. Of particular note is that the Herald is not limited by the restrictions other casters face when it comes to casting area of effect clouds. Instead of the normal limits on persistent area of effect spells (2 of any kind at a time regardless of caster for most, and 1 damaging AoE per caster), there is a separate limit of 2 [Herald AoE] clouds per area.

Level Spells
2 Ability Spells: Ability spells such as Fox's Cunning grant only +2 to the target's ability score, but also add a stacking bonus to ability checks against that ability of +1 for every 8 casterlevels the herald has past 20, to a maximum of +3 at casterlevel 44.
3 Stinking Cloud [Herald AoE]: Heralds get a +4 bonus to DC.
4 Mass Camouflage: When cast, Mass Camouflage casts an obscuring fog which sticks to caster, creating concealment of (Druid level * 3) in a large radius. The fog moves with the caster and grants its concealment to any remaining in it, including enemies!. Duration is 1 round per herald level.
5 Cloudkill [Herald AoE]: Each round, enemies in the cloud must make a fortitude check. On a failed save, they die if not death immune, healing the herald 2 HPs per casterlevel. If they save versus death, they receive (0.5*CL)d4 Negative damage and are drained up to 1 HP per 2 casterlevels, healing the Herald by the same amount.

Freezing Fog [Herald AoE]: Deals 1/2 Cold and 1/2 Magic damage. Each round, enemies must make a reflex save or suffer 2d6 Dexterity damage in addition to normal effects of the spell.
Mind Fog [Herald AoE]: In addition to its will save lowering effect, enemies in the cloud must make a fortitude save or be Feebleminded, draining their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma by (CL/10)d4 and randomly wiping 10% of their memorized spells.

6 Acid Fog [Herald AoE]: In addition to the normal effects, enemies in the cloud suffer 5% stacking acid vulnerability, up to 25% total.

Mass Ability Spells: Mass Ability spells such as Mass Foxs Cunning grant only +2 to party members' abilities, but also add a stacking bonus to ability checks against that ability of +1 for every 8 casterlevels the herald has past 20, to a maximum of +3 at casterlevel 44.

7 Static Field [Herald AoE]: Deals 1/2 Elec and 1/2 Magic damage. Each round, enemies must make a fortitude save or suffer 2d6 Strength damage, in addition to normal effects. Cast as a Conjuration spell by Heralds.
8 Horrid Wilting: Cast as a Conjuration spell by Heralds.

Premonition: Cast as an Enchantment spell by Heralds.
Storm Tower: Herald of Storms spell.

For reference, the following spells are classified as Conjuration or Enchantment for Druids and Sorcerers, but have had no changes done to them. Spells only available with HG Enhanced are written in italics:

Druid Conjuration

Level 1 Cure Light Wounds, Grease, Magic Fang, Summon Creature I
Level 2 Lesser Restoration, Summon Creature II
Level 3 Greater Magic Fang, Ice Lance, Neutralize Poison, Primal Vengeance, Remove Disease, Summon Creature III, Viscid Glob
Level 4 Cure Serious Wounds, Last Breath, Summon Creature IV, Vitriolic Ray
Level 5 Cure Critical Wounds, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Monstrous Regeneration, Restoration, Summon Creature V, Vine Mine
Level 6 Healing Circle, Mass Cure Moderate Wounds, Regenerate, Stonehold, Summon Creature VI
Level 7 Creeping Doom, Heal, Mass Cure Serious Wounds, Summon Creature VII
Level 8 Bombardment, Mass Cure Critical Wounds, Summon Creature VIII
Level 9 Elemental Swarm, Mass Heal, Planar Perinarch, Storm of Vengeance, Summon Creature IX

Druid Enchantment

Level 1 Sleep
Level 2 Charm Person or Animal
Level 3 Dominate Animal
Level 4 Euphoric Gaze, Hold Monster
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7 Imprisonment
Level 8 Antipathy
Level 9

Sorcerer Conjuration

Level 1 Grease, Mage Armor, Summon Creature I, All Orbs
Level 2 Flurry of Fumes, Melf's Acid Arrow, Snowball Swarm, Summon Creature II, Web
Level 3 Flame Arrow, Mestil's Acid Breath, Stinking Cloud, Summon Creature III
Level 4 Evard's Black Tentacles, Summon Creature IV, Viscid Glob, All Orbs
Level 5 Cloudkill, Freezing Fog, Lesser Planar Binding, Mestil's Acid Sheath, Summon Creature V, Vitriolic Sphere
Level 6 Acid Fog, Planar Binding, Summon Creature VI
Level 7 Summon Creature VII, All Orbs
Level 8 Greater Planar Binding, Summon Creature VIII
Level 9 Black Blade of Disaster, Gate, Summon Creature IX

Sorcerer Enchantment

Level 1 Charm Person, Sleep
Level 2 Blindness/Deafness, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Vocalize
Level 3 Hold Person
Level 4 Charm Monster, Confusion, Euphoric Gaze
Level 5 Dominate Person, Hold Monster, Mind Fog
Level 6 Mass Haste
Level 7 Protection from Spells, Rebuke
Level 8 Antipathy, Mass Charm
Level 9 Dominate Monster
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