Ghostly Visage

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Caster Level(s): Assassin 2, Bard 2, Wizard / Sorcerer 2

Innate Level: 2

School: Illusion


Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Personal

Area of Effect / Target: Caster

Duration: 1 Turn / Level

Additional Counter Spells:

Save: Harmless

Spell Resistance: No

Description: The caster in surrounded by a ghostly nimbus of light that grants damage reduction of 5/+1, prevents all spells of level 1 or lower from affecting the caster and grants 10% concealment. Also grants Etherealness with Spell Focus feats in Illusion, lasting 1 round per 30, 20, 15 or 10 caster levels with each spell focus feat in Illusion, respectively. If this would result in a duration of less than one round, then just concealment and damage reduction as normal is granted.


The Etheralness has the same effect as Greater Sanctuary although with no associated cooldown timer.

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