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"Half-Guardinal" (secret Beyond Ultra-Rare subrace)

- requires Half-Elf
  • STR +4
  • DEX +4
  • INT +2
  • CHA +2
  • Free Feat: Dodge
  • Free Feat: Evasion
  • Immunity: Petrification
  • 25% Electrical Immunity
  • Epic Energy Resistance: Cold: I
  • Epic Energy Resistance: Acid: I

Build Notes

Half-Guardinals have good Strength and Dexterity, making them a top choice for a Uni-character that doesn't intend to splash Weapon Master levels as that would leave them feat starved compared to a Kolyarut equivalent.
Innate immunity to Petrfication can make gear selection somewhat easier as you will not be restricted to the limited amount of set items with this immunity added or relying on a very fortunate randomization on a useful item. To make the best use of the evasion feat it's best to use one the following control classes: Dragon Disciple, Fighter, Paladin, Blackguard, Champion of Torm, Barbarian or Weapon Master.

Optimum Splash choices:

  • Paladin or Blackguard - to make use of +2 Charisma for saves
  • Weapon Master - to use the dodge feat (getting whirlwind the only other way to make good use of the bonus feat)

Book of Races, Half-Guardinal

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