Hound Archon

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"Hound Archon" (secret Beyond UltraRare subrace)

- no race requirement (Changes Appearance)

FC: Paladin

  • STR +4
  • CON +2
  • WIS +2
  • CHA +4
  • SR 10 + 1/lvl
  • Free Feats: Extra Smiting, Great Smite I, Power Attack
  • Speaks :Celestial, Draconic, Infernal.

Book of Races, Hound Archon

Build Notes

Good stat spread with no negatives, feats given encourage making a smiting divine tank, Paladin, Blackguard or Champion of Torm, worth considering using Half-Elf as a base race to enable taking of LSA Listen. The Any race means that you can also use it for race restricted builds such as Arcane Archer, Dwarven Defender or Gnomish Inventor.

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