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Caster Level: Accursed Pariah 1; Bard 1; Cleric 1; Paladin 1; Sorcerer/Wizard 1

Innate Level: 1

School: Transmutation

Descriptor(s): Weapon enchantment

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Touch

Save: None

Spell Resistance: No

Area of Effect/Target: Melee weapon or creature

Duration: 1 Hour / level

Description: You empower the touched weapon with a +1 enhancement bonus.


The Accursed Pariah's Magic Weapon spell grants an additional dice of Magical damage, increasing to two dice at CL26 and three dice at CL51. You can target a specific weapon or a creature with this spell.
If the weapon is dropped or converted into slag, disarm, or any other token the spell disappears.
This spell will auto-recast when the duration expires if the caster still has unused copies in his memory, if the caster and the recipient are in different areas the spell effects will gradually degrade until they completely dissipate.

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