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Pariah (Sorcerer/Barbarian)


Must have 6 levels of Barbarian, 11 levels of Sorcerer, Greater Spell Focus (Transmutation), and the Still Spell feat before level 19. The Accursed Pariah cannot have and cannot take any levels in Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Blackguard, or Champion of Torm.

Benefits and Penalties

  • On achieving Accursed Pariah status at level 17 or 18, the character is automatically given Armor Skin and Automatic Still Spell I-III as bonus feats.
  • The Accursed Pariah's base Dexterity score is set to 6, his Charisma increased by 4, and he is transformed into a Large stone appearance. Undocumented - Your movement speed will also be reset to normal at this point negating any speed boosts from subraces such as Shard or Pixie.
  • The Accursed Pariah is under a constant regeneration effect, regenerating 5% of their maximum hit points every 3 seconds.
  • Curing and healing spells do not function on the Accursed Pariah.

Spell casting

The Accursed Pariah uses Sorcerer level + Barbarian level (including legendary levels if control class is Sorcerer or Barbarian) to determine caster level for all Sorcerer spells. His caster level is capped at his current Constitution score.

Accursed Pariahs use the standard Spell Penetration calculation except when under the effects of Barbarian Rage, where the Pariah:

  • Uses their Constitution score as their base spell penetration for Transmutation spells.
  • Gains +2 SP to non-Transmutation spells

The Accursed Pariah uses Constitution to determine DCs for all spells. He also receives an additional +1 to DC for all Transmutation spells.


Bestow Curse: The Accursed Pariah's Bestow Curse spell receives a +1 DC bonus per 10 caster levels.

Bigby's Clenched Fist: Becomes the Transmutation spell Fist of Stone, transmuting a huge fist of stone (no change to the spell otherwise).

Flesh to Stone: When cast by an Accursed Pariah, the Flesh to Stone spell receives a +1 DC bonus per 15 caster levels.

Greater Magic Weapon: The Accursed Pariah's Greater Magic Weapon spell uses Transmutation rather than Enchantment for enhanced enhancement bonus, and in addition receives an additional +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +16 with Paragon Spell Focus (Transmutation).

Greater Stoneskin: The Accursed Pariah's Greater Stoneskin spell can be cast while wearing armor or a shield.

Magic Weapon: The Accursed Pariah's Magic Weapon spell grants an additional dice of magic damage, increasing to two dice at CL26 and three dice at CL51. You can target a specific weapon or a creature with this spell.

Shapechange: Is now Undermaster for Accursed Pariahs, which performs a particular ability related to control of stone in a Huge area surrounding the caster

Stone Bones: When cast by an Accursed Pariah upon himself, the Stone Bones spell grants 1% physical immunity for every 2 caster levels.

Stone to Flesh: When cast by an Accursed Pariah upon himself, the Stone to Flesh spell creates a damage shield which does 2d12 + (CL * 3/2) piercing damage.

Summon Spells: These spells are cast as Transmutation spells for the Accursed Pariah and transmute earth as Changestones, rather than conjuring beings from another plane, which limits their selection of summons.

Accursed Pariahs may acquire the Transmutation arcane epic spell without 25 levels of sorcerer, and cast it using their sorcerer level plus their barbarian level.

Other Changes


  • Constitution is used for the ability modifier portion of spell DCs. So DC = 10 + spell level + Constitution Modifier + feat modifier.
  • Immunity Stacks so the effect of Stone Bones stacks with other sources of physical immunity.
  • Disintegrate caster level immunity for certain creatures means that a Pariah character needs to get to level 55 before it can affect all enemies.
  • The description of Greater Stoneskin seems to mean that you get the unarmored version of Greater Stoneskin even when wearing armor. (Pariahs can cast all spells wearing armor but would normally get the armored version of a spell like Ethereal Visage.)

Tips for Building and Playing

Most Pariahs are 20/20 builds because to have 20 Sorcerer for spells and 20 Barbarian for CC Barbarian; As Barbarians get +4 CON in LL levels (beside +4 STR or DEX). Tip: Take Barbarian at level 1 for CC: Barbarian in a 20/20 build.

A build with Sorcerer CC is possible granting Epic and Paragon spells and several extra bonus feats and additional spell slots and additional spells known. This, however, gives very few rages per day, less health and less skill points. Sorcerer CC Pariahs rely on normal Penetration but receive the other Pariah casting benefits. The biggest concern is that the total HP is less than a Barbarian CC build, though sill far greater than other Sorcerers.

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