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Caster Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 9

Innate Level: 9

School: Illusion

Descriptor(s): Fear, mind-affecting

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Short (8 metres)

Save: Fortitude and Will

Spell Resistance: Yes

Additional counterspells: True Seeing

Area of Effect/Target: Colossal (10 metre radius)

Duration: Instant

Description: A horrible phantasm rises to stand before enemy creatures in the area of effect, causing them to make a will save. If they fail, the phantasm touches them and they must now make a fortitude saving throw. If this saving throw fails, the creature dies. Those who succeed the fortitude save still take (CL / 2)d6 Magical damage. Creatures with less than 4 hit dice automatically die, without any saving throws.


Receives +7 to both the Will and Fortitude save DCs.
Respects mind immunity and fear immunity, but not death immunity.
When cast by certain creatures in legendary areas (e.g. Aboleths & Limbo) specific named immunity to the spell is required to completely avoid the effects. Immunity to the spell school Illusion also works for Aboleths but not Limbo as the Kaorti Alienists actually cast Utterophobia which is not classified as an Illusion school spell.

Items with Weird Immunity

Whilst immunity to this spell can be added as a random property there are several set items that have it as listed below -

Note - Any usable items with immunity to Weird as an added property can be extremely valuable especially if easily hot swappable!

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