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Bueroza are a dangerous random
Bueroza are a dangerous random
While doing a Hell run it is highly likely that you will encounter a random spawn. Most often random spawns will consist mostly of enemies you are well acquainted with (Barbazu, Erinyes, Spinagon, Kocrachon etc) and occasionally one or two special random-only enemies, which have some very special and dangerous abilities. Due to their 'random' nature none of these enemies can be guaranteed to spawn on any map and hence have not been covered in any of the specific layer run guides. These enemies, their abilities and how to deal with them is listed below.


Ayperobos Swarm (Ayperobos Horde)

These swirling swarms of tiny devils come equipped with a DC 65 Confusion Check vs Will Save. In the deep Hells where save penalties can reach -7, it can become very easy for party members to become confused, drop party and begin attacking party members. The confusion effect can be protected against completely using an Intelligence Artifact, Exo-array, Heavenly Haunt's Necklace or 20 monk levels.

Ayperobos Swarms have 99% concealment and hence are virtually impossible for tanks to kill. They are however easily killed by firebrands, greater ruin, Weird or life threading.

Brachina (Brachina Seductrix)

Brachina are a very dangerous random, especially at paragon levels. They have a DC 32 Charisma Check vs Confusion that like Ayperobos Swarms, can only be completely protected against using an Intelligence Artifact, Exo-array, Heavenly Haunt's Necklace or 20 monk levels. Further, they also have a DC 34 Constitution Check vs Instant Death against which there is no complete protection. This is particularly dangerous since very few players actually have 34 Constitution. Most will lie within the 24-28 range giving a small chance of failing the check, but this becomes even more dangerous with paragon, superior and elite Brachina since each level adds +4 to the DC of each effect. With paragon Brachina it becomes very difficult for party members to survive the Constitution check, and party coordination and recovery becomes impossible when the bulk of the party is confused and out of party.

For these reasons Brachina, especially paragon versions, should be destroyed extremely quickly. They are susceptible to implode and greater ruin, although they can be slowly killed by tanks as well. Tanks should be careful due to their personal positive kickback on each hit.

Bueroza (Magebane)

Bueroza are one of the most dangerous and troublesome enemies, especially during boss fights. They have a fairly unique DC 120 Discipline Check vs KD, which most tanks should be able to make with ease, although casters might find it much more difficult. Worse than this however is that Bueroza create a colossal radius around themselves which inflicts 100% spell failure on all players caught within it. This is crippling to casters unless they can escape the very large radius and cast from outside it. Not only are offensive spells disabled, but once a player is killed spell failure makes it near impossible to rebuff and get back in the fight.

Bueroza are completely immune to all but one instant kill spell including greater ruin, the only exception being the Cleric Paragon spell Eradicate. The primary way they can be defeated is by a beat down from the local party tanks, who should ensure this happens quickly. Lacking casters, spawns become a lot slower and a lot more dangerous since there is no one to do key tasks such as grab Raks or implode Machines. Bueroza pack a hefty punch and have very tough defenses, so all tanks need to focus on the same enemy, they can be disarmed which reduces their damage output. They need to be dealt with swiftly and nearly always take first priority over all other enemies. If you can get your casters away from the spell failure aura, cold damage is effective against them.

Dogai (Camizu)

Dogai have a particularly annoying DC 32 Daze Check vs Intelligence. Daze stops your character from using any action (attack, cast spells etc) although it doesn't stop you from moving or drinking heal pots. So when dazed you can reposition yourself and chug heals until sometime casts mindblank on you. If you have clarity pots you can drink one of these to cure the daze effect. Paragon Dogai's also have a DC 70 devastating critical.

Dogai have very high conceal so it is slow work for tanks to kill them. They are best dealt with using Greater Ruin or Finger of Death.

Excruciarch (Excruciarch Inquisitor)

Excruciarchs are powerful randoms, especially the paragon versions. If you haven't already used a neg pot, you should drink one upon seeing an Excruciarch due to their area-wide Negative kickback. They have a DC 65 Smite check vs Fortitude, which deals a massive amount of magic damage when failed. They also have a DC 36 ??? Check vs Constitution. Paragon Excruciarch's are even nastier and strip Crit Immunity from players.

Excruciarchs can be killed with Greater Ruin or stoned to disable them. They can also be beaten to death although this can generate a lot negative area-wide kickback (a neg pot removes this problem).

Falxugon (Vexiarch)

Falxugon are very annoying enemies since they possess level 59 curse and bard song. With bard song they boost their own stats (saves, AC, AB) making them a strong opponent. Worse however is their curse song, which lowers the saves, AC, AB, skills etc of everyone in the party, making you much more vulnerable to the attacks of every other enemy in a spawn. Restore cures curse song, so anyone without more important tasks to do (this is an especially good task for a bard), can go through the party and restore people with a saintsblood pearl.

Falxugon are vulnerable to greater ruin, but can also by killed in melee by tanks, Heartbane is also effective and can target them at a decent range.

Orthon (Orthon Fist)

Orthon are a strong opponent who possess an on-hit DC 65 Instant Death Check vs Fortitude. This effect cannot be protected against and will cause trouble for party members with low fortitude and AC, however they can be disarmed and thus relieved of the ability to use this ability.

Orthons can be killed with Greater Ruin, Weird or by melee. Orthons can also be dominated (Int arti, Cleric Evo epic etc) so they join the party. This is great since they are a formidable ally to have, although whoever dominates it must be extremely careful that the Orthon does not attack kickback creatures or Mammon's Tears. While dominated Orthons stop the entire party from resting, so if someone needs to rest, the Orthon will need to be killed. Unfortunately paragon Orthon are immune to weird and domination, so will require either Greater Ruin or a melee beat down.

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