Razhids Burial Chamber

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Level 25-30 area. Razhids Burial Chamber is where you will find the lich Razhid (level 30 accomplishment (see Accomplishments)) along with lots of his undead minions. You will need to kill his pet Dracolich (not as scary as it sounds) and in one of the chests behind it you'll find a key that will open the final door to the lich himself and a Gem of Planar Travel which incidentally lets you access Loki's Hall and the Elemental Planes. He has a practically infinite quantity of spell shields which will block or reduce the effectiveness of most spells cast directly at him. The best way to kill him is to Mord his shield whist he is standing next to a character with a silence aura rendering him temporarily unable to recast it, he can then be grabbed and beaten to real death at your leisure.


  • Arcane Spectre
  • Razhids Undead Guardian
  • Razhid


  • Gem of Planar Travel


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