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The Myconid Depths is a post immortal run targeted at characters in the 42-48 level range. It's a relatively easy run to form and class make-up is of little concern.



Acid and Sonic immunities are required throughout the run. Some creatures inflict Acid damage so you should Restore often.

Enemy casters will curse, deafen you and cast ice storm and earthquake. Ice storm can be avoided with level 4 or greater spell immunity. Earthquake can be avoided with either specific spell immunity or the damage significantly reduced via Positive damage immunities/resistances.

Some enemies will confuse you. Mind blank will protect against this.

Confusion immunity is highly recommended for the boss fight.

Some enemies petrify party members. Stone to Flesh or Stoneeater rings are recommended.

General Notes

  • The run is a free rest zone, Immortal characters will not fugue or limbo in the Myconid Depths.
  • As loot spawns directly from creatures here you can spam loot breaking spells with impunity as there is nothing you can break.
  • Be wary of back spawn and restore often. Remember mind blank and confusion immunity for the boss.
  • You have to clear the maps of mobs before you can proceed. Sometimes backspawn mobs do not find a clear path to attack the party and get left behind.


The Myconid areas can be reached by following the path East Road > The Crossroads > Plains of War > Fox Trail > Dark Glade > Drow Tunnels > Myconid Depths - Fungal Flow.

Spawn Structure

Spawns are not dynamic in that the numbers and types of creatures do not scale with player group size, paragon type creatures do not spawn in this area.

Fungal Flow

Most of the spawns here consist of groups of Thorn Hounds, Myconid Warriors, Flingers, Singers, Russet Molds and Mushrooms.

There is often backspawn in this area (and throughout the run) and this can catch some party members unprepared.

There are no random loot drop containers. Bags drop from enemies. The whole run is lootbreaker 'safe'.

The singers and the molds are usually the highest threat targets.

Singers are buffed with ethereal visage and have high conceal and spell immunity. Additionally many party members are likely to be deaf and have limited ability to overcome the conceal. Strip buffs from the singers if you intend to beat them down or fire brand them. They are vulnerable to instant death spell effects from spells of level 7 and above such as Destruction, FoD, Wail or Implosion.

Molds are highly resistant to physical damage, immune to death magic but they can be harmed, are extremely vulnerable to Acid and can be disintegrated or imploded. Divine and Negative also work against them. They also have a stun attack.

Thorn Hounds can knock down characters (Saving vs. Reflex DC:47). They can also disarm your weapon and it will drop to the ground so check your inventory before despawning the area.

The mini boss at the end of the zone spawns with several Myconid Callers. The Callers spam earthquake and need to be dealt with promptly. They are protected by high spell resistance and have a heal potion that can be pick pocketed. They are vulnerable to harm and it's best to cast it twice to eliminate their heal. The mini boss will continue to summon Myconid Warriors and once the callers are dealt with the party should focus on him. He will drop some set loot and a spore key that will allow progression.


Spawns here are similar to Fungal Flow.

There is no key required to proceed.


The biggest threat here are the Fungal Tenders. They look like beholders and are immune to death magic and mind spells. Fire and Electrical damage are good against them. They can also be stoned.

The germinator is the mini-boss. He drops a key needed to progress to the final area (but not the one for the door at the end of this area, can be saved for next visit to avoid doing both areas again). He is immune to fire and death magic. Cold works well against him. He summons Myconid Scouts, which do not take Cold.

The spore key that the Germinator drops opens the exit door for Rhypones.


Get ready for more inflicts here. Acid, physical, strength and constitution are all reduced.

Compost Worms have a petrification attack. They take Cold and Sonic. They are immune to death magic but not mind spells.

Refuse Collectors take Fire and Sonic. Enough Cold will hurt them too. They are immune to death magic.

The Agitator is the mini-boss, who keeps spawning Refuse Blossoms. He drops a key needed to progress to the final area (but not the one for the door at the end of this area, can be saved for next visit to avoid doing both areas again). Magical, Fire, Negative, Positive, Blug, and Slash, and to a lesser extent Acid, Cold and Divine damage types work well against him.

The spore key that the Agitatator drops opens the exit door for Protogones.


The creatures in this area consist only of myconids and their leader King Myxo Dreamcaller, there are no shriekers, refuse blossoms, fungal tenders, etc. The king is immune to death magic, but takes Cold and some Fire. Unless you are wearing something that has confusion immunity, King Myxo will confuse you or your teamates, which will cause a character to leave the party and attack teamates, Mind Blank, Lesser Mind Blank or Clarity will remove the confusion effect (at least temporarily). He also throws exploding potions for significant AoE damage to all party members in the blast radius although as with most creature spells this will not break walls.

Strategy and Tactics

Base requirements are 100 Sonic immune/resist total to ensure you're not being damaged by the shrieking fungi and as much Acid immune resist as you can muster, bear in mind there are creatures that inflict Acid vulnerability here so you will need to restore occasionally. Pale Master characters will have a good time here as most of the creatures are either not death immune or take significant damage from Finger of Death and the Death Armor shield. Ideally you spawn in Greater Sanctuary and get them to attack a summon then you can use the Life Drain ability to gain a large quantity of HPs which means if you get disabled there is a good chance they will beat themselves to death on your damage shield before you are even close to dying. Bloodfire Mages and other arcane casters will also do well here as Fire damage can be very effective, it used to be the standard levelling area post immortality for BFM's and can still be if you are careful with your positioning although you don't have the ac and critical hit immunity of a PM so if you get swarmed you'll likely meet an untimely if non-terminal end and take a dirt nap. Melee builds will have a hard time here until they are well geared and even then will not be able to inflict the mass death arcane casters can so the run will take a significantly longer time to complete.

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