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Information on Weapons.

When adding a new weapon, please use template:Weapon.

Name Type Finesse Intuitive Attack Size Dam Type Base Dam Crit Range Crit Mult Other
Dagger Simple/D/M/R/W Y Y Tiny P 1d4 19-20 x2 Intuitive Attack & Rapier Wit Not usable by large characters
Katar Exotic/Rogue Y Tiny P 1d4 18-20 x2 Not usable by large characters
Sai Exotic/Monk Y Tiny B 2d4 19-20 x2 Not usable by large characters
Kukri Exotic/Rogue Y Tiny S 1d4 18-20 x2 Not usable by large characters
Sap Exotic/Rogue Y Small B 1d4 18-20 x2 Finesse weapon for all characters
Assassin Dagger Exotic/Poison Y Tiny P 1d4 17-20 x1 No WoC Not usable by large characters
Light Mace Simple/Rogue Y Y Small B 1d6 19-20 x3 Intuitive Attack
Sickle Simple/Druid Y Y Small S 1d6 19-20 x3 Intuitive Attack
Goad Martial/Monk Y Y Small P 1d6 20 x2 Intuitive Attack Monk weapon
Handaxe Martial/M/R Y Small S 1d6 20 x4
Light Hammer Martial Y Small B 1d6 20 x4
Light Pick Martial Y Small P 1d6 20 x4
Short Sword Martial/Rogue Y Small P 1d6 19-20 x3
Kama Exotic/Monk Y Y Small S 1d6 20 x2 Intuitive Attack Monk weapon
Nunchaku Exotic/Monk Y Y Small B 1d6 20 x2 Intuitive Attack Monk weapon
Whip Exotic Y Small S 2d4 18-20 x2
Wind Fire Wheel Exotic/Monk Y Small S 2d4 19-20 x2
Club Simple/D/M/R/W Y Medium B 1d8 19-20 x2 Intuitive Attack
Heavy Mace Simple/Rogue Y Medium B 1d8 19-20 x3 Intuitive Attack
Morningstar Simple/Rogue Medium P 1d8 19-20 x3
Battleaxe Martial Medium S 1d8 20 x4
Heavy Pick Martial Medium P 1d8 20 x4
Light Flail Martial Medium B 1d8 18-20 x2
Longsword Martial/Elf Medium S 1d8 19-20 x3
Rapier Martial/Elf/R Y Medium P 1d8 18-20 x2 Rapier Wit
Scimitar Martial/Druid Y Medium S 1d8 18-20 x2 Intuitive Attack
Warhammer Martial Medium B 1d8 20 x4
Bastard Sword Exotic Medium S 2d8 19-20 x3
Dwarven Waraxe Exotic Medium S 2d6 20 x4 Adds shield AC for Dwarven Defender characters based on their Con modifier
Katana Exotic Y Medium S 2d8 18-20 x2 Finesse weapon for both Medium and Large characters
Spear Simple/Druid Y Large P 1d8 19-20 x2 Intuitive Attack
Quarterstaff Simple/D/M/R/W Y Large B 1d10 20 x2 Intuitive Attack Monk weapon (21+) Does NOT receive HG improved two handed damage bonus when used 2H
Falchion Martial Large S 1d10 18-20 x2
Greataxe Martial Large S 1d10 20 x4
Greatsword Martial Large S 1d10 19-20 x3
Halberd Martial Large P 1d10 19-20 x3
Heavy Flail Martial Large B 1d10 18-20 x2
Maul Martial Large B 1d10 20 x4
Trident Martial Large P 1d10 20 x4
Scythe Exotic Large S 2d8 20 x4
Dire Mace Exotic/Double Large B 2d6 19-20 x3
Double Axe Exotic/Double Large S 2d6 19-20 x3
Double Scimitar Exotic/Double Large S 2d6 18-20 x2
Two-Bladed Sword Exotic/Double Large S 2d6 19-20 x3
Mercurial Greatsword Exotic Huge S 1d12 20 x4 Only usable by large characters Requires 2H to use
Lance Exotic Huge P 1d12 20 x4 Only usable by large characters Requires 2H to use
Unarmed Unarmed Y - B* 1d6* 20 x2 * Slashing and Piercing damage types are available on specific gloves and base damage increases with number of Monk levels reaching 1-20 at Monk 20 Finesse weapon for all characters
Dart Simple/D/R Y Ranged P 1d4 20 x2 mighty, Brutal Throw
Throwing Axe Martial Y Ranged S 1d6 20 x3 mighty, Brutal Throw
Shuriken Exotic/Monk Y Y Ranged P 1d3 20 x3 Intuitive Attack Monk weapon (21+)
Sling Simple/D/M/R Y Ranged B 1d4 20 x2 Divine Slingers add in significant damage scaling (physical, elemental and exotic) based on character level when using this weapon
Light Crossbow Simple/M/R/W Y Ranged P 1d8 19-20 x2 Extra attacks Gives Shield AC for Gnomish Inventor characters Damage scaling based on Gnomish Inventor levels
Heavy Crossbow Simple/M/R/W Y Ranged P 1d10 19-20 x2 Extra attacks Gives Shield AC for Gnomish Inventor characters Damage scaling based on Gnomish Inventor levels
Shortbow Martial/Elf/R Y Ranged P 1d6 20 x3 See note Extra attacks & damage scaling (elemental damage only) with character (Ranger) level (Legendary Ranger bows only)
Longbow Martial/Elf Y Ranged P 1d8 20 x3 Extra attacks & damage scaling (elemental or exotic depending on bow used) with character (Arcane Archer) level (Legendary Arcane Archer bows only)


For simplicity, the abbreviations used to show required proficiencies are: D: Druid, M: Monk, R: Rogue, W: Wizard, Poison: Use Poison feat.

Weapon feats

  • Weapon Finesse: Small size creatures can finesse all small and tiny sized weapons.
  • Medium size creatures can finesse all tiny and small weapons and the two medium weapons: rapier and katana. Large sized creatures can finesse any medium or small weapon (they cannot hold tiny weapons).
  • Intuitive Attack: Allows you to use your Wisdom modifier for Club, Dagger, Goad, Heavy Mace, Kama, Light Mace, Nunchaku, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Shuriken, Sickle, and Spear. Requires BAB of +3 and at least 13 Wisdom.
  • Rapier Wit: Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +3, 13+ Charisma. Allows you to use your Charisma modifier to determine Rapier/Dagger AB.
  • Brutal Throw: Allows you to use your Strength modifier for Dart and Throwing Axe, can be handy if you have a Str based character with a spare feat and want to have a reasonable chance of hitting things with these ranged weapons, the Mighty property will limit the Str add you get to damage though so it will always be less than a melee weapon.

Weapon Specific details

  • All crossbows (light and heavy) add an extra 2 attacks per round. If a large creature equips anything in their offhand this bonus is lost, unless they are a barbarian with shapestrong rage.
  • The CEP weapons goad and nunchaku are monk weapons similar to kamas. Quarterstaff and Shuriken are also monk weapons for characters with 21 or more monk levels. They use the -3 attack progression and flurry of blows may be used with them.
  • The whip, morningstar, and light flail cannot be used in the off hand, the reason for this being that there was no off hand animation added to the game.
  • The dwarven waraxe will grant a shield AC equal to CON modifier (up to a maximum of +18) when wielded by a Dwarven Defender. Shield AC does not stack. This change allows an option to build dual or axe-flag wielding str tanks with quite respectable ACs.
  • Assassin Daggers have extended critical range (17-20/x1) but this does not stack with the WM Ki Critical ability. They still make great weapons for non-WM assassins. If you can find an item with the Overwhelming Critical Assassin Dagger Feat on (or be able to take this Feat in your build) you will be able to achieve a final critical range of 8-20 with this weapon maximizing your chances of inflicting a Mortal Strike. The Devastating Critical feat will change the multiplier from x1 to x2, whilst this may not sound a lot it can significantly improve your damage output on non critical immune creatures as you will be achieving criticals about 60% of the time.

Assorted notes

  • Wielding a weapon two-handed grants a multiplicative bonus of 20% to all damage type, this is in addition to the 'vanilla' NWN "The advantage of using a two-handed weapon is having the strength modifier (if positive) increased 50% (rounded down) before being added to damage inflicted by the weapon."
    • The bonus for doing so while being oversized and using a shield offhand has changed to 10% (possible with barbarians)
    • Quarterstaffs don't qualify for this bonus.
  • Large sized creatures such as Minotaurs, Stingers, Wemics, etc. cannot dual-wield most large weapons such as scythes, nor do they receive a 2h str bonus for using them without a shield as medium size creatures do. Spears and tridents may be dual wielded by large size creatures. They also cannot use tiny weapons (have you ever tried fighting with a pin?).
  • The huge weapons Mercurial Greatsword and Lance can only be wielded by large characters and even then only in 2h mode.
  • Several of the CEP weapons have actual proficiencies that do not match what is shown in the game descriptions. All effort has been made to list the correct proficiencies above.
  • The best weapon to use for damage output depends to some extent on the type of character you are making. For a tier 1 character type you are better off using a high threat range (18-20 base) with a lower multiplier as you will hit more frequently and thus do more critical hits, for a non tier 1 build you may be better off using a lower threat range but higher multiplier weapon as when you land a critical hit it will do more damage.
  • The following CEP weapons are not currently used: Trident_1H, Mercurial Longsword, and Maug Double Sword.
  • Some monsters have the ability to slag items, including melee weapons unless they are non-metal or specifically immune. All current ranged weapons and ammo are immune to this, as are unarmed monks (this only applies to the weapon, not the armor or shield). Unslaggable melee weapons are: Club, Nunchaku, Quarterstaff, Sap, and Whip.
  • There are several set items that grant Overwhelming and/or Devastating critical for specific weapon(s), these can save multiple feats on a build (if you can fit them into your gear set-up) whilst still maximising damage output against creatures that are not immune to critical hits, examples being Plate of the Legendary Master (OC/DC Greataxe and Throwing Axe), Graz'zt's Abyssal Helm (OC/DC Spear) & Stygian Razor (OC/DC Katana).
  • Both Overwhelming and Devastating critical can appear as added green properties on random loot and there are BUR level augments that give both feats for a weapon that can be very useful especially when present on a usable item (they can not be stripped and reused).

Notable updates

  • UPDATE 2016-03-17::Sai {B} and Wind Fire Wheel {S} no longer have a parry bonus, but instead have 2d4 base damage. The double damage type weapons have been modified to only do only a single damage as this was making them unbalanced. Weapon damage was normalized all over - there aren't really bad and good weapons anymore, however from a pure damage point of view the Katana, Bastard Sword and Scythe have both the best maximum (16) and average (8-10) base damage per hit.

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