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Dragonstorm Mage (Sorcerer/Blue Dragon Disciple)


Must have 10 levels of Sorcerer, 10 levels of Blue Dragon Disciple, Greater Spell Focus (Evocation), and Resist Energy (Electricity) before level 22.


On achieving Dragonstorm Mage status at level 20 or 21, the character is automatically given Epic Spell (Hellball) and Epic Spell (Dragon Knight) as bonus feats (note: you cannot actually use those spells until you achieve epic status, i.e., level 21).

Any light or medium armor worn by the Dragonstorm Mage has its spell failure chance reduced to zero (Note: Dragonstorm Mages do not get armor proficiency feats through Sorcerer or XDD levels).

Dragonstorm Mages receive a CL/2 boost to lore for their spells. This can go beyond the normal 120 limit, up to 130% enhancement.


  • For certain spells, casterlevel = Sorcerer level + BDD level including legendary levels if the control class is Sorcerer or BDD.
  • In addition these spells count as Evocation for determining DCs and receive +1 spell penetration for every 10 caster levels over 20.

Those spells include:

Level Spells
1 Lesser Orb of Electricity
Lesser Orb of Sound
Negative Energy Ray (does divine damage)
Shocking Grasp
Summon Creature I
2 Gedlee's Electric Loop (targets which fail a Reflex save are dazed)
Shock Weapon
Summon Creature II
3 Lightning Bolt does (3/4 caster level)d6, 2/3 elec and 1/3 divine
Scintillating Sphere
Summon Creature III
4 Elemental Shield (duration multiplied by 10; provides elec/sonic immunity and elec kickback
Orb of Electricity
Orb of Sound
Summon Creature IV
5 Ball Lightning (no longer limited to 1 ball per target; does 2/3 elec and 1/3 slashing damage)
Energy Buffer
Summon Creature V
6 Chain Lightning (does 1 additional point of damage per die; 1/2 elec and 1/2 divine)
Tenser's Transformation
Summon Creature VI
7 Great Thunderclap
Greater Orb of Electricity
Static Field
Greater Orb of Sound
Summon Creature VII
8 Summon Creature VIII
9 Meteor Swarm (becomes Thunderstorm; does clvl D10 electricity or positive, depending whatever is best against target)
Summon Creature IX
Epic Dragon Knight (Blue Dragon Disciple and Sorcerer levels stack for the purposes of acquiring the improved Dragon Knight summon.)
Epic Hellball (see below)

Other Changes

  • Dragon Knight
    • Dragon disciple levels count for improving Dragon Knight.
  • Hellball
    • Does (caster level*3/2)d20 electrical damage. Creatures that heal off eletric will take lowest exotic damage type instead (positive/divine/magic).
    • No longer breaks loot
    • Receives 1 additional use per day for every 10 levels of blue dragon disciple including legendary levels if the Mage's control class is blue dragon disciple)
  • Wing Buffet (requires draconic full transformation) gets enhanced DC = DSM levels + Constitution modifier.
  • Spells:
    • Ball Lightning now inflicts 2/- per 10 casterlevels in resistance debuff.
    • Scintillating Sphere now inflict 1% per 6 caster levels damage vulnerability.


Unlike any other mages, their Hellball does not break loot and does respectable damage to monsters as well as knocking them down. It is very useful for controlling big spawns, as it has a noticeable transit time from point of origin to the target area you can cast it then run to the spawn point for best effect.

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