Catacombs of Dulvuroth

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Deep below the arctic wastes are the Catacombs of Dulvuroth the lich, populated with many undead and cold loving creatures a testing adventure for many a recently immortal character.


General Notes

  • The run is a free rest zone, Immortal characters will not fugue or limbo in the Catacombs of Dulvuroth.
  • The Upper Catacombs are free to teleport to. That's handy if someone has the tag. The Lower Catacombs are a no port zone although you can port to the party lead just before they enter the door to go down.
  • There are DC 63 reflex - instant death traps, can be disabled/retrieved with enough skill in this ability.
  • High level turners (unsurprisingly) can be very effective here as can Arcanes with Sunburst/Undeath to Death.
  • Secrets are potentially present on both maps of this run.

Spawn Structure

Spawns are not dynamic in that the numbers and types of creatures do not scale with player group size, paragon type creatures do not spawn in this area.


The Dulvuroth areas can be reached through lost temple at the Uroboros Peak run. You'll need a Black Powder Barrel (from the second last map of Uroboros Peak or the secret area in the Toyshop) to clear the way.

For characters with the Dulvuroth tag, there is a short cut in the Watchtower of Kil'dur'ok - Upper Level on the first map of the Arctic Wastes.

Upper Catacombs

Transition: You may not continue if monsters are about or after despawning monsters.

- Entombed
- Frostbite Swarm (Cold party kickback)
- Icegaunt
- Snow Spider
- Chilblain (Cold & Magical party kickback)
- Marzanna (caster)
- Ice Gargoyle
- Ice Golem
- Qorrashi
- Frozen Arcanists
- Frozen Wraith

Mini Boss: "The Chaplain" to the east/south drops a key for the gate at the north/west (+ 1 Dulv set loot). He cast's Implosion.

The two doors north of the entrance to the area lock once you enter them but you can bash both of them open once you've killed the creatures that spawn.

Lower Catacombs

Behind it goes down....more dungeon hack....

- Voidwraith (Concentration Check: DC 41 vs Death)
- Spectral Lyrist (curse song)
- Quell (aura: Spell Failure in Massive Radius)
- Ice Weird (Casts Power Word: Stun)

To the north is a chest with a set weapon.

A trap DC63 vs.death near end......and up again...two more traps, stay close to walls!

Here resides another miniboss "Illfane Balewing, Necrophyte of Atropus" (25% spawn chance). He drops a Soul Jar. Here lies a Dulv mote.

Just clear that area and go down again... the boss.

Strategy and Tactics

The passages in this dungeon are narrow, tanks to the front casters and archers behind. If you have high level turner in your party it will make this run almost painless with only the Quell and Marzanna to be dealt least until you get to Dulvuroth himself!

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