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"Planewalker" (secret UltraRare subrace)

- no race requirement

FC: Highest Class

  • STR -2
  • DEX +2
  • CON +2
  • INT +2
  • Immunity Damage Type: Acid: 5%
  • Immunity Damage Type: Cold: 5%
  • Immunity Damage Type: Electrical: 5%
  • Immunity Damage Type: Fire: 5%
  • Survival Levitation, Waterbreathing, Firewalking, Passwall
  • Speaks: Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal

Book of Races, Planewalker

Build Notes

The stat points given by this race allow creation of various builds with the added flexibility that you will not need wear any gear to meet current survival requirements, probably best suited to a Wizard type.

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